Leanplum: Using Google Cloud Platform to build a platform for mobile enterprises to increase customer engagement

San Francisco-based Leanplum is building the marketing cloud for the mobile era. Its integrated platform delivers meaningful user engagement across both messaging and the in-app experience. Leanplum offers messaging, automation, App editing, personalization, A/B testing, and analytics — all in a single solution. Its customers include Tinder, Lyft and Tesco, among others.

When the company was founded, Leanplum chose to build its business in the cloud in order to focus the majority of its engineering and IT operations resources on core product innovation. The company was looking for a cost-effective cloud services provider that offered a robust set of data analytics tools and computing capacity that could scale on demand, in order to free its engineers from the overhead associated with managing infrastructure. The company also wanted the platform to have enough capabilities so that it could handle new features Leanplum might add as it grew.

“Google Cloud Platform gives Leanplum exactly what we need to build and expand our platform for mobile developers. Our engineers can focus on adding features to better meet the needs of mobile developers, rather than managing infrastructure.”

—Vassil Lunchev, Software engineer, Leanplum

Helping mobile developers get closer to their customers

Leanplum chose Google Cloud Platform because its breadth of data tools frees engineers to work on building a mobile platform, rather than on managing infrastructure.

Google App Engine is at the core of Leanplum’s infrastructure, and runs the company’s API, which gives mobile app developers access to the platform’s features. It sends push notifications, emails, and other communications to developers’ customers, and also streams data to Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage. Google App Engine powers Leanplum’s website and customers’ dashboards. Leanplum uses Google Cloud Dataflow and Google Cloud Pub/Sub to send data to the company’s analytics engine to provide customers with real-time data.

“With Google Cloud Platform, we don’t have to think about the operational side of analytics. Instead, we can focus on business logic and make sure we meet the needs of our customers,” says Lunchev.

An integrated platform built for data analytics

With Leanplum’s platform, mobile developers have a set of integrated solutions for improving the complete mobile experience, in and out of the app. Mobile teams can deliver targeted and personalized messages across all mobile channels, optimize messaging and in-app content, get automated insights to better understand customers, and more. For example, if a retail app wanted to remind a shopper about an item she left in her cart, it could automate a series of personalized messages that encouraged her to return to the app and check out.

Leanplum research shows that its platform increases customer engagement,retention and ROI. It says that push notifications can increase app retention by 20 percent, and that by using Leanplum’s platform, the Last Minute Travel app increased its push notification opt-ins by 182 percent.