JOBS view

The INFORMATION_SCHEMA.JOBS view contains near real-time metadata about all BigQuery jobs in the current project.

Required role

To get the permission that you need to query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.JOBS view, ask your administrator to grant you the BigQuery Resource Viewer (roles/bigquery.resourceViewer) IAM role on your project. For more information about granting roles, see Manage access.

This predefined role contains the permission, which is required to query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.JOBS view.

You might also be able to get this permission with custom roles or other predefined roles.

For more information about BigQuery permissions, see Access control with IAM.


The underlying data is partitioned by the creation_time column and clustered by project_id and user_email. The query_info column contains additional information about your query jobs.

The INFORMATION_SCHEMA.JOBS view has the following schema:

Column name Data type Value
bi_engine_statistics RECORD If the project is configured to use the BI Engine SQL Interface, then this field contains BiEngineStatistics. Otherwise NULL.
cache_hit BOOLEAN Whether the query results of this job were from a cache. If you have a multi-query statement job, cache_hit for your parent query is NULL.
creation_time TIMESTAMP (Partitioning column) Creation time of this job. Partitioning is based on the UTC time of this timestamp.
destination_table RECORD Destination table for results, if any.
dml_statistics RECORD If the job is a query with a DML statement, the value is a record with the following fields:
  • inserted_row_count: The number of rows that were inserted.
  • deleted_row_count: The number of rows that were deleted.
  • updated_row_count: The number of rows that were updated.
For all other jobs, the value is NULL.
end_time TIMESTAMP The end time of this job, in milliseconds since the epoch. This field represents the time when the job enters the DONE state.
error_result RECORD Details of any errors as ErrorProto objects.
job_id STRING The ID of the job. For example, bquxjob_1234.
job_stages RECORD Query stages of the job.
job_type STRING The type of the job. Can be QUERY, LOAD, EXTRACT, COPY, or NULL. A NULL value indicates an internal job, such as a script job statement evaluation or a materialized view refresh.
labels RECORD Array of labels applied to the job as key-value pairs.
parent_job_id STRING ID of the parent job, if any.
priority STRING The priority of this job. Valid values include INTERACTIVE and BATCH.
project_id STRING (Clustering column) The ID of the project.
project_number INTEGER The number of the project.
query STRING SQL query text. Only the JOBS_BY_PROJECT view has the query column.
referenced_tables RECORD Array of