REST Resource: projects.locations.reservations

Resource: Reservation

A reservation is a mechanism used to guarantee slots to users.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "slotCapacity": string,
  "ignoreIdleSlots": boolean,
  "autoscale": {
    object (Autoscale)
  "concurrency": string,
  "creationTime": string,
  "updateTime": string,
  "edition": enum (Edition)


The resource name of the reservation, e.g., projects/*/locations/*/reservations/team1-prod. The reservationId must only contain lower case alphanumeric characters or dashes. It must start with a letter and must not end with a dash. Its maximum length is 64 characters.


string (int64 format)

Baseline slots available to this reservation. A slot is a unit of computational power in BigQuery, and serves as the unit of parallelism.

Queries using this reservation might use more slots during runtime if ignoreIdleSlots is set to false, or autoscaling is enabled.

If edition is EDITION_UNSPECIFIED and total slotCapacity of the reservation and its siblings exceeds the total slotCount of all capacity commitments, the request will fail with google.rpc.Code.RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED.

If edition is any value but EDITION_UNSPECIFIED, then the above requirement is not needed. The