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The INFORMATION_SCHEMA.STREAMING_TIMELINE_BY_FOLDER view contains per minute aggregated streaming statistics for the parent folder of the current project, including its subfolders. You can query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA streaming views to retrieve historical and real-time information about streaming data into BigQuery. For more information about streaming data into BigQuery, see Streaming data into BigQuery.

Required permission

To query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.STREAMING_TIMELINE_BY_FOLDER view, you need the bigquery.tables.list Identity and Access Management (IAM) permission for the parent folder of the project.

Each of the following predefined IAM roles includes the preceding permission:

  • roles/bigquery.admin
  • roles/bigquery.user
  • roles/bigquery.dataViewer
  • roles/bigquery.dataEditor
  • roles/bigquery.dataOwner
  • roles/bigquery.metadataViewer
  • roles/bigquery.resourceAdmin

For more information about BigQuery permissions, see Access control with IAM.


When you query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA streaming views, the query results contain historical and real-time information about streaming data into BigQuery. Each row in the following views represents statistics for streaming into a specific table, aggregated over a one minute interval starting at start_timestamp. Statistics are grouped by error code, so there will be one row for each error code encountered during the one minute interval for each timestamp and table combination. Successful requests have the error code set to NULL. If no data was streamed into a table during a certain time period, then no rows are present for the corresponding timestamps for that table.

The INFORMATION_SCHEMA.STREAMING_TIMELINE_BY_* views have the following schema:

Column name Data type Value
start_timestamp TIMESTAMP (Partitioning column) Start timestamp of the 1 minute interval for the aggregated statistics.
project_id STRING (Clustering column) ID of the project.
project_number INTEGER Number of the project.
dataset_id STRING (Clustering column) ID of the dataset.
table_id STRING (Clustering column) ID of the table.
error_code STRING Error code returned for the requests specified by this row. NULL for successful requests.
total_requests INTEGER Total number of requests within the 1 minute interval.
total_rows INTEGER Total number of rows from all requests within the 1 minute interval.
total_input_bytes INTEGER Total number of bytes from all rows within the 1 minute interval.

Data retention

This view contains the streaming history of the past 180 days.

Scope and syntax

Queries against this view must include a region qualifier. If you do not specify a regional qualifier, metadata is retrieved from all regions. The following table explains the region scope for this view:

View name Resource scope Region scope
Replace the following:

  • Optional: PROJECT_ID: the ID of your Cloud project. If not specified, the default project is used.
  • REGION: any dataset region name. For example, region-us.


  • To query data in the US multi-region, use region-us.INFORMATION_SCHEMA.STREAMING_TIMELINE_BY_FOLDER
  • To query data in the EU multi-region, use region-eu.INFORMATION_SCHEMA.STREAMING_TIMELINE_BY_FOLDER
  • To query data in the asia-northeast1 region, use region-asia-northeast1.INFORMATION_SCHEMA.STREAMING_TIMELINE_BY_FOLDER

For a list of available regions, see Dataset locations.