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Train high quality custom machine learning models with minimum effort and machine learning expertise

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Train Custom Machine Learning Models

Cloud AutoML is a suite of Machine Learning products that enables developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high quality models by leveraging Google’s state of the art transfer learning, and Neural Architecture Search technology.

AutoML Vision is the first product to be released. It is a simple, secure and flexible ML service that lets you train custom vision models for your own use cases. Soon, Cloud AutoML will release other services for all other major fields of AI. To express interest and help shape the future of Cloud AutoML products, you can share your ideas with us.

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Easily train custom vision models

With Cloud AutoML, you can bring your training data to create your own custom vision model with minimum Machine Learning skills required. Start with as little as a few dozen photographic samples and Cloud AutoML will do the rest.

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State-of-the-art performance

Use Cloud AutoML to leverage Google’s proprietary image recognition technology. The AutoML technology achieved the state of the art performance on popular public datasets (CIFAR and ImageNet). This research is now available to you.

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Get up and running fast

Cloud AutoML provides a simple graphical user interface (GUI) for you to train, evaluate, improve, and deploy models based on your own data. You’re only a few minutes away from your own custom machine learning model.

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Generate high quality training data

You can use Google’s human labeling service to annotate or clean your image labels to make sure your models are being trained on high-quality data.

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Cloud AutoML Features

Train high quality custom machine learning models with minimum effort and machine learning expertise

Integration with human labeling
For customers with images but no labels yet, we provide a team of in-house human labelers that will review your custom instructions and classify your images accordingly. You will get training data with the same quality and throughput Google gets for its own products, while your data remains private. You can use the human labeled data seamlessly to train a custom model.
Powered by Google’s AutoML and Transfer Learning
Leverages Google state of the art AutoML and Transfer Learning technology to produce high quality models.
Fully Integrated
At its core, Cloud AutoML is fully integrated with other Google Cloud services, providing customers with a consistent method of access across the entire Google Cloud service line. Store your training data in Google Cloud Storage. To generate a prediction on your trained model, simply use the existing Vision API by adding a parameter for your custom model, or use Cloud ML Engine's online prediction service.

“Cloud AutoML’s technology is helping us build vision models to annotate our products with Disney characters, product categories, and colors. These annotations are being integrated into our search engine to enhance the impact on Guest experience through more relevant search results, expedited discovery, and product recommendations on shopDisney.”

— Mike White, CTO, SVP, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media

Urban Outfitters is constantly looking for new ways to enhance our customers’ shopping experience. Creating and maintaining a comprehensive set of product attributes is critical to providing our customers relevant product recommendations, accurate search results, and helpful product filters; however, manually creating product attributes is arduous and time-consuming. To address this, our team has been evaluating Cloud AutoML to automate the product attribution process by recognizing nuanced product characteristics like patterns and neck lines styles. Cloud AutoML has great promise to help our customers with better discovery, recommendation, and search experiences.”

— Alan Rosenwinkel Ph.D., Data Scientist at URBN

ZSL is an international conservation charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats. A key requirement to deliver on this mission is to track wildlife populations to learn more about their distribution and better understand the impact humans are having on these species. In order to achieve this, ZSL has deployed a series of camera traps in the wild that take pictures of passing animals when triggered by heat or motion. The millions of images captured by these devices are then manually analysed and annotated and with the relevant species such as elephants, lions, and giraffes, etc., which is a labour-intensive and expensive process. ZSL’s dedicated Conservation Technology Unit has been collaborating closely with Google’s CloudML team to help shape the development of this exciting technology, which ZSL aims to use to automate the tagging of these images – cutting costs, enabling wider-scale deployments, and gaining a deeper understanding of how to conserve the world’s wildlife effectively.”

— Sophie Maxwell, Conservation Technology Lead at ZSL