Apigee Integration release notes

This page documents production updates to Apigee Integration software in 2022 and later. We recommend that users periodically check this list for any new announcements.

See 2021 and prior for older release notes.

See also: Known issues.

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August 10, 2022

On August 10, 2022 we released an updated version of the Apigee Integration software.

Support for VPC Service Controls (Preview)

VPC Service Controls lets you define a security perimeter around the Apigee Integration Google Cloud service. For more information, see Set up VPC Service Controls for Apigee Integration.

July 09, 2022

On July 09, 2022 we released an updated version of the Apigee Integration software.

Data Mapping task enhancements

The Data Mapping task in Apigee Integrations now provides the following enhancements:

  • Nested function support. You can pass one or more transformation functions as input parameters to another function.
  • New transformation functions. You can use the following new transform functions for array-type variables:

    • FILTER - Filters the array elements that satisfy a given condition.
    • FOR_EACH - Applies one or more transformation functions for each element in an array.
  • Subfield mapping support for JSON variables. You can view and search all the subfields of a JSON variable in the data mapping editor variable list.

For more information, see the Data Mapping task.

June 23, 2022

On June 23, 2022 we released an updated version of the Apigee Integrations software.

Apigee Integration trials

Starting with this release, Apigee Integrations is available in an Apigee Eval org which lets you try out the integrations feature without getting billed for the usage. For information, see Enable integrations in an eval org.

Updates to SetIntegrationRequest policy

The SetIntegrationRequest policy has the following updates:

  • Support for ref attribute in the <Parameter>, <ParameterArray>, and <Value> elements. By using this attribute, you can assign flow variable values to the parameters.

  • Empty  <Parameter> and <ParameterArray> elements are supported. However, if these elements are empty, Apigee treats the element value as null.

  • Empty <Value> element is not supported. If the element is empty, Apigee reports an error.

February 21, 2022

On February 21, 2022 we released an updated version of the Apigee Integration software.

Bug ID Description
N/A Cloud Pub/Sub trigger having same topic in multiple region fails. You can now create a Cloud Pub/Sub trigger for the same topic in multiple regions. Because of this fix, your already existing Cloud Pub/Sub trigger may now execute multiple times. Contact Apigee support if you notice this problem. However, if you haven't used the Cloud Pub/Sub trigger in your integrations, you can ignore this fix.

January 19, 2022

On January 19, 2022 we released an updated version of the Apigee Integration software.

Filter clause in the Connectors task

You can add a filter to restrict the amount of data processed by an entity operation. For more information, see Add a filter for an operation.

Upload and download integrations

The Upload/download menu button in the integration designer lets you upload and download integrations in a JSON file format. For more information, see Upload and download integrations.