Pay-as-you-go (updated attributes) pricing overview

This page applies to Apigee, but not to Apigee hybrid.

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Apigee updated its Pay-as-you-go pricing model, making it possible to start using Apigee at a significantly reduced initial cost. With the introduction of a new lightweight API proxy and three different environment types for deployment, you can develop an API program sized specifically for your needs, with service costs based on actual usage.

Getting started with updated Pay-as-you-go pricing is ideal for Google Cloud customers who want to:

  • Unlock Apigee with no upfront commitment and pay only for what you use.
  • Develop an API program starting with high value/low volume APIs.
  • Establish usage and networking patterns to monitor and control costs.
  • Maintain flexibility to right-size ongoing costs.
  • Manage and protect applications built on Google cloud infrastructure.
  • Migrate or modernize your API management services gradually without disruption.

How does updated Pay-as-you-go pricing work?

When you use Apigee with updated Pay-as-you-go pricing, you are charged for the following:

  • The number of active environments per region.

    An environment is a unit of infrastructure used to deploy and run an API proxy. You can choose from three different environment types, which offer different functionalities. You are charged for the use of the environment you select. To learn more about environment types, see Apigee Pay-as-you-go (updated attributes) environment types.

  • The number of API calls to your proxies.

    You are charged for the number of API calls made to the proxies deployed in your environments. Pricing per API call is based on the proxy type, with calls to standard API proxies costing 1/5 of calls to extensible API proxies. For more information on standard and extensible policies and their impact on API proxy type, see Policy types.

  • The number of proxy deployment units used.

    A proxy deployment unit describes the capacity required to deploy an API proxy or shared flow in a given environment type. Each environment type has a limited reserved capacity for these deployments, expressed in terms of proxy deployment units. You are charged for the number of proxy deployment units used in an environment, per hour, per region. For more information on the proxy deployment units available in each environment type, see Apigee Pay-as-you-go (updated attributes) billing rates.

Beyond the charges incurred by the Apigee resources listed above, your total cost will also include your use of Google Cloud network infrastructure. An Apigee instance is available only on the network with which it is peered. You can expose the instance externally by creating a Google Cloud load balancer. You pay for all related network charges (such as IP address, network ingress/egress, and forwarding rules) on the peered network based on actual usage.

Updated Apigee Pay-as-you-go billing rates

The following table lists billing rates for Pay-as-you-go pricing with updated attributes:

Attribute Base environment Intermediate environment Comprehensive environment
Standard API Proxy calls (per 1M API calls) $20 (up to 50M calls)    $16 (50M to 500M calls)    $13 (>500M calls)
Extensible API Proxy calls (per 1M API calls) N/A $100 (up to 50M calls)   $80 (50M to 500M calls)   $64 (>500M calls)
Environment usage (per hour per region) $0.5 $2.0 $4.7
Proxy deployment units 20 included per environment per region 50 included per environment per region 100 included per environment per region

Additional capacity available for purchase at $0.04 per hour per region

Apigee API Analytics add-on (per 1M Analytics API calls) N/A $20 $20

Get started with Pay-as-you-go pricing with updated attributes

New and existing Google Cloud customers can get up and running quickly on Apigee with updated Pay-as-you-go pricing. Whether you are an existing Google customer or new to Google, you can set up a billing account and install Apigee on your own.

Provision a new Apigee paid organization

New Apigee customers who want to use Pay-as-you-go pricing with updated attributes can start by installing and configuring a paid Apigee organization. We call the installation and configuration process provisioning.

If you are new to Google Cloud, review the Prerequisites and set up your Cloud billing account, create a Cloud project, and install the Google Cloud SDK before you begin.

If you are an existing Google Cloud customer, you can follow the Pay-as-you-go provisioning flow outlined in Introduction to provisioning.

Add an updated Pay-as-you-go environment alongside a Subscription environment

Existing Apigee Subscription customers who want to add a Pay-as-you-go environment alongside their Subscription environments are encouraged to follow the Pay-as-you-go provisioning flow outlined in Introduction to provisioning.

Support for Pay-as-you-go pricing with updated attributes

Google Cloud Apigee customers with a Pay-as-you-go pricing plan can access support by signing up for a Google Cloud support plan. More information and detailed descriptions of available support plans are available from Cloud Customer Care. Once enrolled, customers can request help and submit cases in the console to Google Cloud Support.

What's next?

For more information on using Pay-as-you-go pricing with updated attributes, see the following: