Apigee Monetization release notes

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This page documents production updates to Apigee Monetization in 2022 and later. We recommend that users periodically check this list for any new announcements, or subscribe to this page using a feed reader to get notifications of updates.

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May 18, 2022

On May 18, 2022 we released an updated version of the Apigee Monetization software.

Apigee X now supports export of additional fee-based values for organizations using monetization. For more information, see Generating monetization reports.

November 03, 2021

On November 3, 2021 we released an updated version of the Apigee Monetization software.

DataCapture policy captures monetization variables

You can configure the DataCapture policy to capture a transaction's monetization information such as revenue, currency, price multiplier, and status. For more information, see Monetization variables.

Prepaid billing

Apigee now supports the prepaid billing of developers, as well as postpaid billing. In prepaid billing, app developers pay in advance even before using your API products. The upfront payment made by the developers is available in the developer's wallet, which can have different currencies. You can track a developer's balance in real time and block API calls if a developer has insufficient funds.

Revenue sharing with developers

The revenue sharing feature enables developers to receive a percentage of the total revenue generated. As an API provider, you can configure Revenue share in your rate plan to share a specific percentage of the revenue with your developer partners.

Volume banded consumption pricing

Rate plan supports the new Banded type of consumption based fees. You can configure variable fees for each monetized transaction based on a band. A band refers to an API consumption range, and you can configure a different fee for each band.

Dynamic consumption pricing

To calculate the cost of a transaction, you can specify a multiplier (perUnitPriceMultiplier) value on top of the pre-configured base price in your DataCapture policy.

Criteria for successful transaction

You can specify if a transaction must be monetized or not by configuring the transactionSuccess monetization variable in your DataCapture policy.

Bug ID Description
199807323 A prepaid developer is set as a postpaid developer after updates to the prepaid developer.
198549304, 197730687, 196937143, 188370635, 187890034 Apigee displays improved error messages during rate plan creation.
192987085 Fixed the ApiProductNotFound exception, which occurred when you deleted an API product but the deletion of associated rate plans was pending.
188407113 Invalid value in the ConsumptionPricingType during rate plan creation displayed the 500 status code. Now the status code for an invalid value is 4xx.

The rateplans API doesn't support the paymentFundingModel field.