Pay-as-you-go entitlements

This page applies to Apigee, but not to Apigee hybrid.

View Apigee Edge documentation.

The following table outlines entitlements for the Apigee offering of Pay-as-you-go pricing:

Core Entitlements

Annual Call Volume Not applicable
Network Data Entitlement

Not included

Network data transfer charges from Apigee instance (up to 1 TB per month) are waived as a promotional offering until April 30, 2024.

Analytics Reports 14 months (not available during Preview)
Developer Portals Included

Limit of 3 custom domains

Orgs 1 per Google Cloud project
Environments Max of 85 environments per org
Shared flows Max of 75 shared flows, subject to restrictions per environment type
Hybrid Entitlements Not included
SLA Pay-as-you-go aligns with Apigee Enterprise SLA

Public Cloud Additional Features

API Monitoring Included
Add-ons Apigee API Analytics add-on available for purchase

Advanced API Security add-on available for purchase

All offerings are subject to Apigee product limits.

Additional resources

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