Apigee release process

This topic describes the release process for Apigee and Apigee hybrid.

Apigee hybrid release process

This section describes the versioning scheme, release cadence, and support timelines for Apigee hybrid.

Release versioning and cadence

Releases for Apigee hybrid use the following numbering scheme:


For example, 3.2.1, where the major number is 3, the minor number is 2, and the patch number is 1.

Release degree Release cadence Description
Major As needed Major releases may contain new features and enhancements, cumulative bug fixes, security vulnerability mitigation, configuration changes, and infrastructure/architecture changes.
Minor Quarterly Minor releases may contain existing feature enhancements, cumulative bug fixes, and security vulnerability mitigation.
Patch Monthly Patch releases may contain bug fixes and targeted security vulnerability mitigation.

Management plane compatibility and support timelines

Apigee hybrid management plane will remain compatible with and be supported to work with a new hybrid runtime release for 12 months after the runtime version is published (or the greater of the last 4 runtime releases and 12 months).

A management plane upgrade may break a runtime version that was published 12 months or longer.

After the support window expires, Apigee requires customers to upgrade to a current release. No support tickets will be accepted for any releases that are outside the support window.


Apigee will collect and store hybrid runtime versions in the management plane. This information will be used to notify customers who are at risk of operating hybrid runtime on a version that will no longer be supported by Apigee.