See the supported connectors for Application Integration.

Edit and view integrations

To view a detailed summary of an integration, open the integration in the integration editor and click (Integration summary) in the designer toolbar. The integration summary includes the following information:

  • Integration name: The name of the integration.
  • Version: The current version of the integration along with the version name (if any).
  • Publish status: The publish status of the current version of the integration; Published or Unpublished.
  • Total versions: The count of the total number of integration versions created for the integration.
  • Last modified: The date and time when the current integration version was last edited or modified.
  • Last modified by The name of the user who last edited or modified the integration version.
  • Region: The regional location where the integration was created.
  • Local logging: The setting to enable or disable saving integration's data or metadata during its execution. For more information, see Local logging.
  • Enable Variable Masking in logs (preview): The setting to enable masking of variables in the integration execution logs. If you enable masking for your integration, ensure that you have also enabled masking at the region and the variable levels.

    For information about masking, see Mask sensitive data in logs.

  • Service account: The service account attached to the integration.
  • Description: The integration description.

The following image shows a sample layout of the integration summary pane.

image showing the sample integration summary image showing the sample integration summary