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Anti Money Laundering AI

Anti Money Laundering AI

Detect suspicious, potential money laundering activity faster and more precisely with AI.

  • Focuses on retail and commercial banking 

  • Designed to support model governance requirements in financial services

  • Explainable to analysts, risk managers, and auditors

  • Adopted in production as system of record in multiple jurisdictions for transaction monitoring

  • Supports customer extensible data and features


Increased risk detection

Detect nearly 2-4 times* more confirmed suspicious activity, strengthening your anti-money laundering program.

*As measured by HSBC

Lower operational costs

Eliminate over 60% of false positives* and focus investigation time on high-risk, actionable alerts.

*As measured by HSBC

Robust governance and defensibility

Gain auditable and explainable outputs to support regulatory compliance and internal risk management.

Key features

Bring your data out from hiding—and AML risk to the surface

Generate ML-powered risk scores

AI-powered transaction monitoring can replace the manually defined, rules-based approach and harness the power of financial institutions’ own data to train advanced machine learning (ML) models to provide a comprehensive view of risk scores.

Pinpoint the highest weighted risks

Tapping into a holistic view of your data, the model directs you to the highest weighted money laundering risks by examining transaction, account, customer relationship, company, and other data to identify patterns, instances, groups, anomalies, and networks for retail and commercial banks.

Make explaining risk scores easier

Each score provides a breakdown of key risk indicators, enabling business users to easily explain risk scores, expedite the investigation workflow, and facilitate reporting across risk typologies.

What's new

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