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Configure VMware Cloud Director service

VMware Cloud Director service helps create virtual data centers from common or distributed infrastructure across sites and geographies, like the infrastructure provided by Google Cloud VMware Engine. The VMware Cloud Director service integration with VMware Engine uses a single interface to provide you with the following functionality:

  • Elastic virtual data centers: Create virtual data centers that allow users to provision network, storage, and compute resources through a catalog of vApp templates and media files.
  • Hybrid cloud management: Manage and monitor data center resources across both on-premises and VMware Engine environments.
  • Multi-tenancy: Manage all tenants from a unified interface that provides multi-tenancy with complete isolation.
  • Infrastructure allocation: Divide VMware Engine infrastructure into smaller resource pools that you can provide to users and expand as needed.
  • Workload migration across virtual data centers: Back up, evacuate, and replicate workloads ranging from a single VM to an entire data center.

Configure VMware Cloud Director service

You can associate your private cloud resources with VMware Cloud Director service after you establish a connection between VMware Cloud Director service and one or more VMware Engine private clouds. To deploy the necessary reverse proxy appliance and associate VMware Cloud Director service with your private cloud, follow the steps in How Do I Associate a VMware Cloud Director Instance with an SDDC via VMware Reverse Proxy in the VMware documentation.

For managed service providers or enterprises that want to provide multi-tenancy VMware services using VMware Cloud Director service and VMware Engine, see How Do I Configure VMware Cloud Director service on Google Cloud VMware Engine in the VMware documentation.