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Fully managed, scalable, relational database service for regional and global application data

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SQL, transactions, and strong consistency at scale

Cloud Spanner is the first scalable, enterprise-grade, globally-distributed, and strongly consistent database service built for the cloud specifically to combine the benefits of relational database structure with non-relational horizontal scale. This combination delivers high-performance transactions and strong consistency across rows, regions, and continents with an industry-leading 99.999% availability SLA, no planned downtime, and enterprise-grade security. Cloud Spanner revolutionizes database administration and management and makes application development more efficient. See what Cloud Spanner can help you solve.

Cloud Spanner: The best of the relational and non-relational worlds

Cloud Spanner Traditional Relational Traditional Non-Relational
Schema Yes Yes No
SQL Yes Yes No
Consistency Strong Strong Eventual
Availability High Failover High
Scalability Horizontal Vertical Horizontal
Replication Automatic Configurable Configurable

Customers across industries can use Cloud Spanner to deliver value to their customers:

Use Case Before Cloud Spanner With Cloud Spanner
Financial trading Inconsistencies lead to potential monetary loss during reconciliation. Global synchronous replication of trades is not feasible. Cost savings and a consistent, unified, global view.
Insurance Inconsistencies lead to incomplete views of customers. Up-to-date customer views provide more accurate, real-time data.
Global call centers Eventual and out-of-touch. Real-time and up-to-date.
Supply-chain management and manufacturing Global supply chain presents an inconsistent global view and/or data must be shipped in batches. Global, real-time, consistent view enables real-time decision making.
Telecom and billing Processing capacity limited to finite scale-up compute resources. Scale-out allows improved processing speed.
Logistics and Transportation Regional reach with many systems glued together. Global reach with lower latency and a consistent view.
Gaming Each server or cluster is its own universe. Consistent, global view delivers a unified experience.
E-Commerce (High Availability) Limited availability SLA or no SLA guarantees. In practice, potential missed sales. 99.99% availability SLA for regional, and 99.999% (five 9s) availability SLA for multi-regional, instances.

Scale + SQL

Most databases today require making trade-offs between scale and consistency. With Cloud Spanner, you get the best of relational database structure and non-relational database scale and performance with external strong consistency across rows, regions, and continents.

Cloud Spanner scales horizontally and serves data with low latency while maintaining transactional consistency and industry-leading 99.999% (five 9s) availability for multi-regional instances - 10x less downtime than four nines. Cloud Spanner helps future-proof your database backend. It can scale to arbitrarily large database sizes to help avoid rewrites and migrations. The use of multiple databases or sharded databases as an alternative solution introduces unnecessary complexity and cost.

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Do Fewer Thankless Tasks

IT Admins and DBAs are inundated with thankless tasks. With Cloud Spanner, focus on value-add and innovation instead of maintenance. Creating or scaling a globally replicated database for mission-critical apps now takes a handful of clicks.

Industry-leading high-availability and Google-grade security as defaults, not expensive add-ons, help ensure your apps stay online and more secure. When architecting apps, Cloud Spanner has a simple billing model that does not charge extra over your configuration choice for high-availability, replication, or ensuring more secure, global strongly consistent data.

Launch Faster

Cloud Spanner is a relational database with full relational semantics and handles schema changes as an online operation with no planned downtime. Reuse existing SQL skills to query data in Cloud Spanner using familiar, industry-standard ANSI 2011 SQL.

Deliver better experiences for end users with external, strong consistency. Apps must be built for a global user base and you need synchronous replication to deliver correct, accurate, and consistent data. The alternative is possibly inconsistent stale reads, a diminished end-user experience, and complex application logic resulting in difficult, time-consuming bugs.

Cloud Spanner is battle tested by Google's own mission-critical applications and services.

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Get Comprehensive Security and Control

Google-grade security includes encryption by default in transit and at rest, granular identity & access management, comprehensive audit logging, custom-manufactured hardware, hardware tracking and disposal, and the Google-owned and controlled global network. Learn more about Google Cloud Platform's comprehensive security architecture.

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Cloud Spanner Features

The first horizontally scalable, globally consistent, relational database service

Global Scale
Horizontally scalable across rows, regions, and continents, from 1 to hundreds or thousands of nodes.
Fully Managed
Ease of deployment at every scale and every stage. Synchronous replication and maintenance are automatic and built-in.
Relational Semantics
Everything you would expect from a relational database—schemas, ACID transactions, and SQL queries (ANSI 2011).
Backup and Restore
On-demand Backup and Restore for data protection.
Multi-Language Support
Client libraries in C#, Go, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby. JDBC driver for connectivity with popular third-party tools.
Transactional Consistency
Purpose-built for external, strong, global transactional consistency.
Enterprise Grade Security
Data-layer encryption, IAM integration for access and controls, and audit logging.
Highly Available
Whenever, wherever, your data is highly available.

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Cloud Spanner Pricing

Pricing for Cloud Spanner is simple and predictable. You are only charged for the number of nodes in your instance, the amount of storage that your tables and secondary indexes use (not pre-provisioned), and the amount of network bandwidth used. Note that there is no additional charge for replication. For more detailed pricing information, please view the pricing guide.

Node (including all replications) From $0.90 per node per hr From $3.00 per node per hr
Storage From $0.30 per GB per month From $0.50 per GB per month
Network Ingress FREE
Network Egress Cross-region and internet egress rates apply
If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

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