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Realize the potential of healthcare data

For many healthcare organizations, data is housed across disparate sources and modalities, making it nearly impossible to gain holistic insights around patients. Google Cloud helps providers tackle their data interoperability challenges, and healthcare organizations realize the full potential of their data with data management solutions. Google Cloud’s Healthcare API is the engine for interoperability and can accelerate the ingestion, storage, and integration of key healthcare data types — including FHIR, HL7, and DICOM. By centralizing their data and using Google Cloud’s analytics and machine learning products, providers now have the power to unlock key data insights.

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Unify your healthcare data

In an increasingly competitive market, siloed and fragmented healthcare data hinders patient care and disrupts operational efficiency. Storing your organization's data in a way that is useful is the first step in enabling insights that can help provide a unified healthcare experience. With Google Cloud big data solutions, you can aggregate, store, and de-identify your data. Then connect your data to advanced Google Cloud capabilities with the Cloud Healthcare API.

We’re bringing the emergency department to the patient so our technology is critical. We’ve had zero failures with the Chromebooks.

Jim Santacroce, Manager, Emergency Medical Services, Middlesex Health

Securing patient data

We do our part to help you protect patient data by offering comprehensive identity management, network security, and threat detection and response capabilities to protect your business against current and future threats. Both Google Cloud Platform (including the Cloud Healthcare API) and G Suite supports HIPAA compliance and are in scope for Google Cloud's ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 certifications. In addition, Google Cloud Platform and G Suite are HITRUST CSF certified.

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Our customers

Portal Telemedicina

The Brazilian advanced telediagnostic platform uses Google Cloud's infrastructure and tools to rapidly transmit multiple diagnostic tools from remote areas to physicians in Sao Paulo.

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic uses Google Cloud Apigee platform to realize the full potential of their underlying electronic medical records through FHIR APIs.

Hunterdon Healthcare

See how G Suite helped reclaim 30% of caregivers' time for patient interactions while reducing costs by $1.3 million over three years.

Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine

The research facility powers their data warehouse of patient records and genetic data with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), reducing data query times by 97%.

RAD-AID International and Lao Friends Hospital for Children

Considering that more than half of the world's population lacks access to radiology, RAD-AID uses Cloud Healthcare API to provide greater access to quality care for medically underserved regions.

Lahey Health

See how Google Cloud is transforming healthcare to bring efficiency, lower costs, and improved collaboration to healthcare operations, helping Lahey Health deliver better patient outcomes.

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