Persistent Disk

Reliable, high-performance block storage for virtual machine instances.

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Fast and flexible block storage

Google Persistent Disk is durable and high performance block storage for Google Cloud Platform. Persistent Disk provides SSD and HDD storage which can be attached to instances running in either Compute Engine or Google Kubernetes Engine. Storage volumes can be transparently resized, quickly backed up, and offer the ability to support simultaneous readers.

Industry-leading price and performance

Persistent Disk offers industry-leading price performance for both HDD and SSD to satisfy your needs whether you’re optimizing for latency sensitive workloads or high throughput workloads. HDD offers low-cost storage with a focus on affordability for large devices for which bulk throughput is of primary importance. SSD offers consistently high performance for both random access workloads and bulk throughput. Both types can be up to 64 TB in size.

Share data easily

Persistent Disk offers unique multi-reader capability. With multi-reader mounting, many virtual machines can read data from a single Persistent Disk and sharing content is a snap. Attaching a disk to more virtual machines does not affect aggregate performance or cost; each machine gets a share of the per-disk performance limit.

Better snapshot performance

For maximum flexibility and minimal effort, snapshots are geo-replicated and available for restore in all regions by default. Snapshots of a block device can take place in minutes rather than hours.

Scale without interruption

You no longer have to worry about undersizing your block devices. Persistent Disk gives you unlimited flexibility by allowing you to resize your storage while it’s in use by one or more virtual machines with no downtime.

Automatic encryption

Persistent Disks are automatically encrypted to protect your data. You can supply your own key, or we will automatically generate one for you.



Persistent Disk is designed for high durability. It stores data redundantly to ensure data integrity.

Volume size

Each persistent disk can be up to 64 TB in size, so there is no need to manage arrays of disks to create large logical volumes.

Independent volumes

Your storage is located independently from your virtual machine instances, so you can detach or move your disks to keep your data even after you delete your instances.

Online resize

Online growth allows volumes to grow on-demand without the need to restart virtual machines or reattach volumes.

We believe GCP has better core technology, in particular its networking and disk technology.

Peter Bakkum, Platform Lead, Quizlet Inc.



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