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MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud

Build modern applications easily.

Enabling developers and customers to become more productive with their data while eliminating database admin tasks.

Forbes delivers 73% more services faster

Cloud migration helps Forbes set standard for digital innovation

MongoDB Atlas provided customers a fully managed, database-as-a-service on Google’s data cloud that is unmatched in terms of speed, scale, and security—all with AI built in. For Forbes, migrating to Google Cloud and MongoDB Atlas provided the scalability and developer friendliness to release more initiatives while focusing on innovation and user loyalty.


Faster build time for new products and fixes


Accelerated release cycles


Reduced total cost of ownership


Increase in subscriptions from new newsletters

Powerledger powers the future of renewable energy

"We set a goal to future proof our tech stack, allowing us to gain greater scale and have the capacity to onboard 100+ million new smart meters in five years. These meters provide reading every 5-30 mins. This is a Herculean task. Technology solutions like MongoDB Atlas, Confluent Kafka, and Google Cloud give us confidence to scale.” Yung Yum, Solutions Architect at Powerledger.

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Powerledger powers the future

MongoDB Atlas (Pay as You Go)

Run MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud and access true multi-cloud capabilities, best-in-class automation, workload intelligence, and proven practices with the smartest developer data platform available. 

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How Ulta Beauty manages holiday surges and year-round innovation

Learn how MongoDB Atlas and Google Cloud, helped Ulta Beauty maintain a high level of innovation, performance, and customer service during holiday traffic surges.

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Ulta customer success story

Ulta customer success story

Top 7 Reasons Why

Top 7 Reasons Why

Top 7 reasons why customers choose MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud

Meeting customer demands in competitive, omnichannel retail spaces requires data-driven innovation. From personalized shopping experiences and can’t-miss product recommendations to real-time inventory visualization, today’s retailers innovate with data-driven differentiation and decision-making. 

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Boxed: Reshaping the wholesale CPG experience for customer growth

Leading digital wholesaler, Boxed, migrated its platform to Google Cloud to address high traffic and demand during the Covid-19 Pandemic. With the large increase in concurrent users on the site, Boxed looked to Google Cloud's Google Kubernetes Engine and MongoDB Atlas to simplify, automate, and scale for immediate impact.

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Reduction in compute expenses


Acceleration in feature deployment times


Unique applications supported


Traffic scalability without disruption

Boxed: Reshaping the wholesale CPG experience for a growing customer base

"With MongoDB Atlas, we can scale up our database by 4x within 10 minutes, and we have the added benefit of not having to run an inflated database 24/7, so there are clear cost savings."

Brent Jaworski, Lead DevOps Engineer, Boxed

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