kf update-user-provided-service


kf update-user-provided-service - Update a standalone service instance with new credentials


kf update-user-provided-service SERVICE_INSTANCE [-p CREDENTIALS] [-t TAGS] [flags]


Updates the credentials stored in the Kubernetes Secret for a user-provided service. These credentials will be propagated to Apps.

Apps may need to be restarted to receive the updated credentials.


  # Update an existing database service
  kf update-user-provided-service db-service -p '{"url":"mysql://..."}'
  # Update a service with tags for autowiring
  kf update-user-provided-service db-service -t "mysql,database,sql"


Don't wait for the action to complete on the server before returning
-h, --help
help for update-user-provided-service
-p, --params=string
Valid JSON object containing service-specific configuration parameters, provided in-line or in a file. (default "{}")
-t, --tags=string
Comma-separated tags for the service instance.

Inherited flags

These flags are inherited from parent commands.

Config file (default is $HOME/.kf)
Kubectl config file (default is $HOME/.kube/config)
Log HTTP requests to stderr
Space to run the command against. This overrides the currently targeted space