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About the fit assessment tool

Migrate to Containers supplies a fit assessment tool that assesses a VM workload to determine the workload fit for modernization to a container or migration to Compute Engine. The fit assessment tool provides you with technical fit assessments of workloads, which helps you determine the potential of modernization, and informs you if there are any technical blockers to modernization or migration of workload to Compute Engine, Google Cloud VMware Engine or Anthos on bare metal. The fit assessment gives you:

  • The ability to get the assessment information about VMware VMs through a direct connection to vCenter.
  • A detailed report on the applicable assessment rules, including any technical blockers to modernization.

The generated assessment report describes any issues that must be resolved before the migration. It also provides an overall fit assessment using one of the following scores:

  • Excellent fit.
  • Good fit, with some findings that might require attention.
  • Needs minimal work before migrating.
  • Needs moderate work before migrating.
  • Needs major work before migrating.
  • No fit.
  • Insufficient data.

For more information on how the tool determines the overall fit assessment for a VM, see Assessment operation.

Integration with Migrate to Containers

The information collected from the VM guest is also used for populating values in the Migrate to Containers migration plan. For more information, see Customizing a migration plan.

For example, data collected by the fit assessment tool is used to discover information about service endpoints exposed by a source VM. Therefore, if you want to auto-populate information about service endpoints, you must run the collection script on the source VM. See Customizing Service endpoints for more information.

Modernization journeys

The Fit Assessment Report tool uses journey to describe a set of possible modernization tasks. The common journeys defined in the tool are as follows:

  • None - No applicable modernization journey identified for the workload.
  • Shift | Compute Engine VM - Migrate a VM from VMware to Compute Engine.
  • Shift | Google Cloud VMware Engine - Migrate a VM from VMware to Google Cloud VMware Engine.
  • Shift | Anthos VM on Bare Metal - Migrate a VM from a VMware cluster to Anthos VM Runtime on Google Distributed Cloud Virtual, which lets you run VMs on Anthos clusters on bare metal in the same way that you run containers.
  • Containerize | Anthos and Google Kubernetes Engine - Migrate a VM or an application on a VM to a container running on with Anthos clusters or on GKE.
  • Containerize | Google Kubernetes Engine Autopilot - Migrate a VM or an application on a VM to Google Kubernetes Engine Autopilot.
  • Containerize | Cloud Run - Migrate a VM or an application on a VM to Cloud Run.
  • Containerize | Tomcat App Container - Migrate Tomcat servers and applications from a VM to an application container. For information on Tomcat containerization, see Migrate a Tomcat server.
  • Containerize | Apache2 App Container - Migrate Apache 2 applications from a VM to an application containers. For information on Apache 2 containerization, see Migrate an Apache server.
  • Containerize | JBoss App Container - Migrate JBoss applications from a VM to an application containers. For information on JBoss containerization, see Migrate a JBoss server.