Project manifest parameters

Your project may contain a project manifest file, which is used for project-level settings such as those for specifying other projects to import into the current project, defining LookML constants, specifying model localization settings, and adding extensions and custom visualizations to your project.

Model localization is not currently compatible with project import.

Each project can have only one manifest file. The file must be named manifest.lkml and be located at the root level of your project's directory structure.

This page links to the project manifest-level LookML parameters.

Example usage

Hover over a parameter name to see a quick description; click it to jump to that page.
When a parameter can be set to one of several specific options, the default value is listed first.

project_name: "Current Project Name"
new_lookml_runtime: yes
local_dependency: {
  project: "project_name"
  override_constant: constant_name {
    value: "string value"
## Possibly more local_dependency statements

remote_dependency: remote_project_name {
  url: "remote_project_url"
  ref: "remote_project_ref"
  override_constant: constant_name {
    value: "string value"
# Possibly more remote_dependency statements

constant: constant_name {
  value: "string value"
  export: none | override_optional | override_required
# Possibly more constant statements

localization_settings: {
  localization_level: strict | permissive
  default_locale: locale_name

application: application_name {
  label: "Application Label"
  url: "application_url"
  file: "application_file_path"
  entitlements: {
    # Desired entitlements (described on application page)
## Possibly more application statements

  id: "unique-id"
  label: "Visualization Label"
  url: "visualization_url"
  sri_hash: "SRI hash"
  dependencies: ["dependency_url_1","dependency_url_2"]
  file: "visualization_file_path"
## Possibly more visualization statements

Parameter definitions

Parameter Name Description
Structural Parameters
project_name Specifies the name of the current project.
new_lookml_runtime Enables or disables New LookML Runtime for a LookML project.
local_dependency Specifies that this project depends on another project. This parameter has the project and override_constantsubparameters.
project Specifies a project that contains files that you want to include.
remote_dependency Specifies one or more remote projects that contain files that you want to include. This parameter has url and ref subparameters, as well as the subparameter override_constant.
constant Defines a LookML constant that can be used throughout your project. This parameter has the subparameters value and export.
Localization Parameters
localization_settings Specifies the localization information for your model. This parameter has default_locale and localization_level subparameters.
localization_level Specifies whether strings with no translation are allowed in your model.
default_locale Specifies the locale that will be used as your model's default for translating strings.
Extension Framework Parameters
application Defines an application for Looker's extension framework.
label Specifies the name of the application that is displayed to the user.
url Provides the URL of the application.
file Provides the path to a JavaScript file (with a .js extension) that defines the application. The path is relative to the project root.
entitlements Specifies the entitlements to control access to the extension features of the application. This parameter has many subparameters listed on the application parameter page.
Custom Visualization Parameters
visualization Defines a custom visualization for your Looker project.
id Specifies a unique identifier for the visualization.
label Specifies the name of the visualization that is displayed to the user.
url Provides the URL to the visualization's JavaScript file.
sri_hash Specifies the subresource integrity hash for the visualization.
dependencies Provides a comma-separated list of dependency URLs required to load the visualization.
file Specifies the path to a JavaScript file that defines the visualization.