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view: view_name {
  dimension: field_name {
    can_filter: yes
Possible Field Types
Dimension, Dimension Group, Measure

A Boolean (yes or no)


The can_filter parameter lets you prohibit a dimension or measure from being used as a filter. For example:

dimension: description {
  can_filter: no


The default value of can_filter is true, meaning that dimensions and measures can be used as filters as you would expect. However, there may be some cases when a field may be too demanding to search (like a large text description), and in these situations you can prevent that field from being used as a filter. Users will simply not see a FILTER option when they hover over the field.

Note that can_filter cannot be used with:

  • Measures of type: list, because they cannot be filtered on anyway
  • filter fields, which only exist for the purpose of filtering
  • The filters parameter that is used with measures

Additionally, drilling into a field will not be permitted if the drill requires a filterable dimension and the can_filter parameter is set to no. This occurs when you:

  • Attempt to drill on a dimension that uses can_filter: no
  • Attempt to drill on a measure if a can_filter: no dimension is used in the same query as that measure

See the documentation pages for drill_fields (for fields) and drill_fields (for views).