group_label (for Explores)

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This page refers to the group_label parameter that is part of an Explore.

group_label can also be used as part of a field, as described on the group_label (for fields) parameter documentation page.


explore: explore_name {
  group_label: "Label to Use as a Heading in the Explore Menu"
Default Value
With no group_label defined, Explores are grouped by model, with each word capitalized and underscores replaced by spaces

A string


Use group_label to change the default organization of the Explore menu. The group_label parameter specifies the label to use as a heading in the Explore menu for this Explore.

Instead of each Explore being listed under its model's name, you can list an Explore under a new group label or under another model's name. Adding the same group_label to multiple Explores will list all of those Explores under the same heading in the Explore menu. You can use group_label to group Explores together even if they are defined in different projects.

Consider this example of an Explore menu:

  • If you use the name of another model as the Explore's group_label, then the Explore will be listed with any Explores that are part of that model.

    In the screenshot above, if two of the Explores are from an online_store queries model but the other two (Customers and User Data) are from another model, you could use group_label for Customers and User Data to group them under Online Store Queries.
  • If you specify a group_label that does not correspond to a model name, Looker adds that new label as a heading in the Explore menu.

    In the screenshot above, if all four Explores are from various models and there is no online_store_queries model, then you could specify group_label for all four Explores to have them appear together under the Online Store Queries heading.


Create a group heading in the Explore menu called Online Store Queries and list the Customers Explore under that heading in the Explore menu:

explore: customers {
  group_label: "Online Store Queries"

By adding the group_label to two different explores, you can group them together under the Online Store Queries label:

The Explores are then listed together under that label in the Explore menu:

Common challenges

group_label has no effect other than changing the Explore menu appearance

When you change the group_label of an Explore, this only affects the Explore's heading in the Explore menu. To change the display name of the Explore itself, use the label parameter.

The way that fields should be referenced in the LookML goes unchanged. The way that fields appear within the Explore UI is also unchanged.