view_label (for fields)

This page refers to the view_label parameter that is part of a dimension, measure, or filter.

view_label can also be used as part of an Explore, described on the view_label (for Explores) parameter documentation page.

view_label can also be used as part of a join, described on the view_label (for joins) parameter documentation page.


view: view_name {
  dimension: field_name {
    view_label: "desired label name"
Possible Field Types
Dimension, Dimension Group, Measure, Filter, Parameter

A string


The view_label parameter lets you change the name of the view under which the field is listed in the field picker without changing how it is referenced in LookML. If the label matches the name of an existing view, the field will now appear under that view. If you specify a new name, that name will appear in the field picker with the field under it. If not specified, the view label defaults to the name of the view.

Fields with view labels are still referenced with the normal ${view_name.field_name} syntax in LookML. The view label only impacts the appearance of the field picker. It does not alter an existing view or create a new view.

Also, note the difference between a field's view_label and the field's label. The view_label changes only the view name under which the field is listed, not the name that's displayed for the field itself.


Make this dimension appear under the Identifiers view instead of the Distribution Centers view in the field picker.

view: distribution_centers {
  dimension: id {
    view_label: "Identifiers"
    type: number
    sql: ${TABLE}.id ;;

For examples of using view_label with a Liquid parameter to define dynamic labels, see the Interesting ways to use Liquid in labels Best Practices page.