hidden (for Explores)

This page refers to the hidden parameter that is part of an Explore.

hidden can also be used as part of a field, described on the hidden (for fields) parameter documentation page.


explore: explore_name {
  hidden: yes
Default Value

A Boolean (yes or no)


hidden lets you hide an Explore from the Explore menu. By default, hidden is off and the Explore will be displayed.


Hide the Order Explore from the Explore menu:

explore: order {
  hidden: yes

Common challenges

hidden does not hide LookML or prevent Explore access via the URL

Depending upon permissions, some business users are able to see LookML. Even if an Explore is hidden from the Explore menu, such business users can see its existence in the LookML.

A business user could also gain access to the Explore if they were savvy enough to manually modify the URL.

For these reasons, hidden is not meant as a security feature, but rather as a presentation feature.

Things to know

hidden is useful for dashboard-only Explores

The most common use case for hidden is to create Explores that are only used to populate specific dashboard tiles, but are uninteresting for exploration.