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view: view_name {
  dimension: field_name {
    full_suggestions: yes
Possible Field Types
Dimension, Dimension Group, Filter, Parameter

A Boolean (yes or no)


Whenever sql_always_where or access_filter are used on an Explore, Looker applies those restrictions to the filter suggestions it makes for fields of type: string. This prevents users from seeing a filter suggestion that does not apply to them.

For example, you use access_filter to limit users to their company's data. If one of those users added a Project Name filter, you might not want them to see the names of projects from other companies.

You can also turn off suggestions if they are not wanted or needed. To do so, turn off full_suggestions like this:

dimension: project_name {
  type: string
  sql: ${TABLE}.project_name ;;
  full_suggestions: no

If you don't need to add the sql_always_where or access_filter limits to your suggestions, you may want to use the bypass_suggest_restrictions parameter instead. It is a more performant option in these situations. When you use bypass_suggest_restrictions the full_suggestions default value automatically switches to false so that the parameters won't conflict.

The suggestions presented to a user for a case dimension will not be restricted when using full_suggestions. Any option that you include in a case parameter will be visible to all users.