Google services with audit logs

The tables below list the Google services that write Admin Activity or Data Access audit logs. GA indicates that a log type is Generally Available for a service; Beta indicates that a log type is available, but might be changed in backward-incompatible ways and isn't subject to any SLA or deprecation policy.

Google Cloud services producing audit logs

GCP services with audit logs Admin
Access Approval API Beta n/a1
Access Context Manager GA GA
AI Platform Beta Beta
App Engine GA n/a1
Application Identity4 Beta n/a1
BigQuery7 GA GA2
AutoML Beta Beta
Cloud Bigtable GA n/a1
Cloud Billing Beta n/a1
Cloud Build GA GA
Cloud Composer GA GA
Dataflow GA n/a1
Dataproc GA GA
Datastore GA GA6
Cloud Data Fusion Beta Beta
Cloud Data Loss Prevention GA GA
Cloud Deployment Manager GA GA
Cloud Functions GA GA
Cloud Healthcare API Beta Beta
Cloud Identity and Access Management GA GA
Identity-Aware Proxy n/a3 GA
IoT Core GA GA
Cloud Key Management Service GA GA
Cloud Life Sciences Beta Beta
Memorystore Beta Beta
Pub/Sub7 GA GA
Cloud Run Beta Beta
Cloud Source Repositories GA GA
Cloud Spanner GA GA
Cloud Storage5 GA GA
Cloud Vision GA n/a1
Compute Engine7 GA GA
Compute Engine Serial Port Access GA n/a1
Container Analysis GA GA
Connectivity Tests Beta n/a1
Data Catalog Beta Beta
Dialogflow GA GA
Firebase Management Beta Beta
Firebase Notifications Console n/a3 GA
Google Kubernetes Engine GA GA
Identity Platform GA GA
Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory Beta Beta
Serverless VPC Access Beta Beta
Service Management7 GA n/a1
Resource Manager GA GA
Stackdriver Debugger GA GA
Stackdriver Error Reporting GA GA
Stackdriver Logging GA GA
Stackdriver Monitoring GA GA
Stackdriver Trace n/a3 GA
Stackdriver Profiler n/a3 GA
Cloud Translation Beta Beta

G Suite services producing audit logs

G Suite services with audit logs Admin
Enterprise Groups GA n/a1

The G Suite audit log name is organizations/[ORGANIZATION_ID]/logs/ G Suite audit logs use the resource type audited_resource.

For additional context, review the G Suite Admin Help article.

1: Data Access audit logs are not available for this service.
2: BigQuery Data Access audit logs are enabled by default and don't count against your logs allotment.
3: Admin Activity audit logs are not available for this service.
4: Audits OAuth 2.0 client IDs and brands.
5: Does not yet include request/response information.
6: Audits requests to start managed import or export operations. Audit does not include entity-specific read/write logs for those operations.
7: System Event audit logs are also available for this service.

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