Collect GKE logs

This page describes options for collecting logs from Google Kubernetes Engine.

Log collection

By default, GKE clusters send logs to Cloud Logging. You can choose the types of logs to collect when you create a cluster or enable log collection for an existing cluster.

For information about configuring log collection, see Configuring logging and monitoring for GKE.

For information about the types of GKE logs that Logging collects and details about managing your logs, see Managing GKE logs.

Multi-tenant logging

A multi-tenant cluster is a cluster that multiple teams share as tenants of the cluster.

A common approach to multi-tenancy is to use one Google Cloud project for the shared cluster and separate projects for each application team. Cluster admins can configure a system where logs are stored in the same project as the cluster, and tenant logs are routed to the application team projects.

For information about configuring logging for multi-tenant clusters, see Multi-tenant logging on GKE.

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