An open source system to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications anywhere.

Developed at Google

Developed at Google. Shared with the world.

Google Cloud is the home of Kubernetes — originally developed here and released as open source in 2014. Kubernetes has grown into the most popular solution to manage containerized workloads anywhere. Providing automated container orchestration and efficient machine management, Kubernetes improves your reliability and reduces the time and resources attributed to DevOps.

Kubernetes builds on 15 years of running Google's containerized workloads and the valuable contributions from the open source community. To shepherd Kubernetes' evolution with the open source community, we helped form the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and donated Kubernetes as the founding project.

Kubernetes products

Google kubernetes engine

Google Kubernetes Engine

Managed Kubernetes in the cloud

As the first production-ready managed service for running containerized applications, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) can help you implement a successful Kubernetes strategy, for your cloud workloads. Backed by the same expertise that developed Kubernetes, GKE includes fully managed Kubernetes master clusters that are monitored and maintained by Google Site Reliability Engineers (SREs).

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GKE on prem

GKE On-Prem

Managed Kubernetes anywhere

With GKE On-Prem, Google will offer a consistent Kubernetes experience for your applications across on-premises and the cloud. Using GKE On-Prem, you get a reliable, efficient, and secured way to run Kubernetes clusters, anywhere.

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Kubernetes research papers

Covering concept to product, these research papers share insights on Kubernetes' evolution at Google.

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Borg, Omega, and Kubernetes

Read the insights gathered across three container management systems over 10 years.

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Kubernetes: scheduling the future at cloud scale

Get an introduction to Kubernetes and how to manage its execution efficiently.

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Large-scale cluster management at Google with Borg

Spanning a decade, this summary reviews the Borg system's architecture and features, important design decisions, and more lessons learned.

We want our engineers to focus on innovation. We were looking for a trusted vendor to off-load management of Kubernetes. We chose Google Cloud, because who could manage it better than the company that created it?

-- Karl Stoney, Delivery Infrastructure Lead, Autotrader UK

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Kubernetes podcast

Hear weekly insights from around the Kubernetes community.

Kubernetes comic

See how Kubernetes can help your CI/CD.

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All of our applications and our primary database now run on Kubernetes Engine. GKE gives us elasticity and scalable performance for our Kubernetes clusters. It's fully supported and managed by Google, which makes it more attractive to us than elastic container services from other cloud providers.

-- Arya Asemanfar, Engineering Manager, Mixpanel


Kubernetes concepts

Kubernetes concepts

Understand the core concepts.

Kubernetes tutorials

Kubernetes tutorials

Explore these hands-on exercises.

Kubernetes and containers blog

Kubernetes & containers blog

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