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Cloud Healthcare API

Accelerate your healthcare solution development with fully managed, enterprise-scale, HL7® FHIR®, HL7® v2, and DICOM® APIs. Help protect your healthcare data while meeting industry-specific security, privacy, and compliance requirements.

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Rapidly build intelligent healthcare solutions in the cloud

Cloud Healthcare API allows easy and standardized data exchange between healthcare applications and solutions built on Google Cloud. With support for popular healthcare data standards such as HL7® FHIR®, HL7® v2, and DICOM®, the Cloud Healthcare API provides a fully managed, highly scalable, enterprise-grade development environment for building clinical and analytics solutions securely on Google Cloud. The Cloud Healthcare API also includes additional value-added capabilities, such as automated DICOM and FHIR de-identification to better prepare data for these solutions.

Cloud Healthcare API provides a pathway to intelligent analytics and machine learning capabilities in Google Cloud with pre-built connectors for streaming data processing in Dataflow, scalable analytics with BigQuery, and machine learning with Vertex AI.

The Cloud Healthcare API is backed by Google Cloud’s  privacy and security features, supports HIPAA compliance, and is in scope for Google Cloud’s ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, and ISO/IEC 27018 certifications. In addition, Google Cloud is HITRUST CSF certified. 

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Store, manage and gain actionable insights on your data in FHIR format

Build your primary and secondary clinical data repositories using any of the major versions of the FHIR standard (R4, STU3, and DSTU2). Leverage the Cloud Healthcare API for highly performant and scalable data storage, and access to your FHIR data via fully managed REST APIs. 

Accelerate your solution development on FHIR by importing your existing FHIR data into the Cloud Healthcare API from Cloud Storage. Transform your data from CSV/HL7v2 formats into FHIR format using Cloud Data Fusion plugins and manage it in the Cloud Healthcare API. 

Develop advanced analytics solutions leveraging SQL-on-FHIR capabilities by exporting FHIR data (streaming and batch) from the Cloud Healthcare API to BigQuery.

Get started with FHIR in the Cloud Healthcare API
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Ingest, create, and retrieve your HL7v2 messages

Integrate your existing healthcare applications with the Cloud Healthcare API’s open source MLLP adapter to ingest or create HL7v2 messages. Interact with your HL7v2 messages via fully managed REST APIs and in web-friendly JSON format. 

Keep your cloud-based clinical data repositories in sync with other healthcare applications via the Cloud Healthcare API’s HL7v2 Import and Export capabilities. 

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Store and manage your DICOM data

Integrate your existing imaging devices and PACS solutions with the Cloud Healthcare API’s open source DICOMweb endpoint or import your data directly into the Cloud Healthcare API from Cloud Storage. 

Manage your DICOM data using the fully managed REST APIs in a web-friendly JSON format. Once your data is in the Cloud Healthcare API, you can combine it with data in other formats and perform analytics and machine learning on the larger datasets. 

Get started with DICOM in the Cloud Healthcare API
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De-identify your data for analytics and AI applications

Use Cloud Healthcare API’s fully managed de-identification service to remove or obfuscate identifying information from FHIR and DICOM resources. De-identified data can be used for analysis, training, and evaluating machine learning models and for sharing with non-privileged parties, while protecting patient privacy. 

Get started with Cloud Healthcare API’s de-identification service
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Ingest new health and wellness data responsibly, manage existing data, and keep up with evolving privacy expectations and regulations.

The Healthcare API offers a centralized solution to manage privacy and consent that is adaptable to new regulations and consent models. The Healthcare API scales to manage data across the enterprise and supports HIPAA and 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

With the Healthcare API, you can seamlessly onboard patient data without silos, manage new and existing patient consents and privacy choices, access data as permitted by patient consents, work with data where it is, make queries across all data consented for a certain use, and demonstrate compliance and transparency.

Learn more about the Consent Management API
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Unlock the potential for large-scale analytics and machine learning

Bring together healthcare data from across the Cloud Healthcare API into powerful analytic tools such as BigQuery and Looker, or machine learning tools such as Notebooks.

With Google Cloud’s state-of-the-art analytics and machine learning tools, you can simplify custom machine learning model training, and rapidly develop, test, and deploy production-grade ML models. You can also leverage Cloud Healthcare API's FHIR and DICOM capabilities to store the outputs of these ML models and integrate them into existing clinical workflows.

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Control your data with best-in-class data privacy and security

Cloud Healthcare API is built using Google’s multilayered security approach that leverages cutting-edge security capabilities, including data-loss prevention tools, precise policy controls, robust identity management, encryption, and many more.

While managing your data in the Cloud Healthcare API, your organization controls where data is stored on Google Cloud. With our options for data locality, you have the choice to store your datasets in currently available locations that correspond to distinct geographic areas. 

Cloud Healthcare API services support granular identity and access management (IAM) policies, which allows your organization to implement best practices such as the principle of least privilege for data access and use. In addition, Cloud Healthcare API services are integrated with Cloud Audit Logs, enabling your organization to track actions affecting your data.


Committed to compliance

Cloud Healthcare API supports HIPAA compliance. Google Cloud is HITRUST CSF certified. In addition, Cloud Healthcare API is in scope for Google Cloud Platform’s ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 certifications. See Google Cloud's compliance page for more information.

Unlock the value of your data

Cloud Healthcare API allows you to unlock the true value of your healthcare data by leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning solutions such as BigQuery, Cloud AutoML, and Vertex AI.

Managed scalability

Cloud Healthcare API provides web-native, serverless scaling optimized by Google’s infrastructure. Simply activate the API and start sending requests—no initial capacity configuration required. Although some limits exist (e.g., Pub/Sub quotas), capacity can expand to match usage patterns.


Cloud Healthcare API integrates with Apigee, recognized by Gartner as a leader in full life cycle API management, to deliver app and service ecosystems around your data. Access the Gartner report.


Cloud Healthcare API organizes your healthcare information into datasets with one or more modality-specific store per set. Each store exposes both a REST and RPC interface. You can use Cloud IAM to set fine-grained access policies.

Enhanced data liquidity

Cloud Healthcare API supports bulk import and export of FHIR data and DICOM data, accelerating time-to-delivery for solutions with dependencies on existing datasets, and providing a convenient API for moving data between projects.


Visit our Cloud Healthcare API pricing page or, to help you understand how your bill is calculated, use the Google Cloud Pricing Calculator.

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