This page shows you how to create and deploy a Cloud Function using the gcloud command-line tool.

Before you begin

  1. Google アカウントへのログイン

    Google アカウントをまだお持ちでない場合は、新しいアカウントを登録します。

  2. Cloud Platform Console プロジェクトを選択または作成します。

    [プロジェクト] ページに移動

  3. プロジェクトの課金を有効にします。


  4. Cloud Functions API を有効にする。

    Enable the API

    API を有効にすると、認証情報を得る必要はありません。

  5. Google Cloud SDK をインストールし、初期化します
  6. gcloud コンポーネントを更新し、インストールします。
    gcloud components update beta &&
    gcloud components install
  7. Prepare your environment for Node.js development.

    Go to the setup guide

Create a function

  1. Create a directory on your local system for the function code:

    Linux or Mac OS X

    Create the directory:

    mkdir ~/gcf_hello_world

    Move into the directory:

    cd ~/gcf_hello_world


    Create the directory:

    mkdir %HOMEPATH%\gcf_hello_world

    Move into the directory:

    cd %HOMEPATH%\gcf_hello_world

  2. Create an index.js file in the gcf_hello_world directory with the following contents:


     * Cloud Function.
     * @param {object} event The Cloud Functions event.
     * @param {function} The callback function.
    exports.helloWorld = function helloWorld (event, callback) {
      console.log(`My Cloud Function: ${event.data.message}`);

    This is a simple function named helloWorld that writes a message to the Cloud Functions logs.

Create a Cloud Storage bucket

Create a new Cloud Storage bucket for your function:

gsutil mb -p [PROJECT_ID] gs://[BUCKET_NAME]


  • [PROJECT_ID] is the ID of your project
  • [BUCKET_NAME] is a globally-unique bucket name.

Deploy a function

  1. Deploy the function with a Pub/Sub topic named hello_world:

    gcloud beta functions deploy helloWorld --stage-bucket [BUCKET_NAME] --trigger-topic hello_world

    It might take a few minutes to deploy the function the first time.

    Note: [BUCKET_NAME] is the name of the bucket without the gs:// protocol identifier before the name.

  2. Verify the status of the function:

    gcloud beta functions describe helloWorld

    A READY status indicates that the function has been deployed:

    status: READY
      - pubsubTopic: projects/[PROJECT_ID]/topics/hello_world

Test the function

Test the function from the command line:

Linux or Mac OS X

gcloud beta functions call helloWorld --data '{"message":"Hello World!"}'


gcloud beta functions call helloWorld --data {"message":"Hello World!"}

The gcloud tool returns the execution ID for the function, which looks something like this:

executionId: eTe2m2-RVmJU-0

View logs

Check the logs to see your actions in the log history:

gcloud beta functions logs read helloWorld

If the function executed successfully, messages in the log appear as follows:

LEVEL  NAME        EXECUTION_ID    TIME_UTC                 LOG
D      helloWorld  -               2016-03-17 20:35:41.043  User function helloWorld loaded
D      helloWorld  eTe2m2-RVmJU-0  2016-03-17 20:45:18.334  User function triggered, starting execution
I      helloWorld  eTe2m2-RVmJU-0  2016-03-17 20:45:18.335  My Cloud Function: Hello World!
D      helloWorld  eTe2m2-RVmJU-0  2016-03-17 20:45:18.335  Execution took 2 ms, user function completed successfully

What's next


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