Managing Services

Cloud Run locations

Cloud Run is regional, which means the infrastructure that runs your Cloud Run services is located in a specific region and is managed by Google to be redundantly available across all the zones within that region.

Meeting your latency, availability, or durability requirements are primary factors for selecting the region where your Cloud Run services are run. You can generally select the region nearest to your users but you should consider the location of the other GCP products that are used by your Cloud Run service. Using GCP products together across multiple locations can affect your service's latency as well as cost.

Cloud Run is available in the following regions:
  • us-central1 (Iowa)
If you already created a Cloud Run service, you can view the region in the Cloud Run dashboard in the GCP Console.

The main resource of Cloud Run are services. This page describes creating a service and viewing information about a service.

Creating a service

You create a new service by deploying a container image to it for the first time. Deploying a new service has more instructions.

Viewing the list of services in your project

You can view a list of the available services in your project using GCP Console or the gcloud command line:


To view the services list:

  1. Go to Cloud Run

  2. Examine the displayed list of services for your project:

    services list

Command line

To list the services in your project:

gcloud beta run services list

Note that each service has an associated URL.

Viewing more details about a service

To see more details about a service,


To view a service's details:

  1. Go to Cloud Run

  2. Click on the desired service in the displayed list of services for your project to open the service details view:

    revision list

  3. Note the REVISIONS, LOGS and DETAILS tabs. The revisions tab shows the list of revisions, the logs tab shows the service logs, and the details tab shows the current authentication or connectivity settings.

Command line

To view details about a service:

gcloud beta run services describe [SERVICE]

Replace [SERVICE] with the name of the service.

For more details on service revisions, see Managing Revisions.

Changing Cloud Run on GKE service connectivity settings

A Cloud Run on GKE service can have either of two connection options:

  • external, which allows external access to your service
  • internal which restricts access only to other Cloud Run on GKE services or services in your cluster that use istio.

You can use the console or the gcloud command line to change the settings.


To change service connectivity settings:

  1. Go to Cloud Run

  2. Click on the desired service in the displayed list of services for your project to open the service details view.

  3. Click the DETAILS tab:

    Details tab

  4. In the Connectivity line, click the edit icon next to the current setting.

  5. Select the desired setting and click Save.

Command line

To change service connectivity settings, deploy with the desired connectivity setting:

gcloud beta run deploy [SERVICE] --image[PROJECT-ID]/[IMAGE] --connectivity=[OPTION]
  • Replace [SERVICE] with the name of the service you are deploying to. You can omit this parameter entirely, but you will be prompted for the service name if you omit it.
  • Replace [PROJECT-ID] with the GCP project ID
  • Replace [IMAGE] with the name of your image, for example,
  • Replace [OPTION] with internal or external.

Deleting existing services

Deleting a service deletes all resources related to this service, including all revisions of this service whether they are serving traffic or not.

When deleting a service, the container images used by the deleted revisions are not deleted automatically from Container Registry. To delete container images from Container Registry see Deleting images.

Note that deleting a service is permanent: there is no undo or restore. However, if after deleting a service, you deploy a new service with the same name in the same region, it will have the same endpoint URL.


To delete a service:

  1. Go to Cloud Run

  2. Locate the service you want to delete in the services list, and click its checkbox to select it.

  3. Click DELETE. This deletes all revisions of the service.

Command line

To delete a service, use the command:

gcloud beta run services delete [SERVICE]

Replace [SERVICE] with the name of your service.

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