Setting Concurrency

To understand the concurrency setting, read the Concurrency concept document.

Like any configuration change, setting the concurrency of a service leads to the creation of a new revision. Subsequent revisions will also automatically get the same concurrency setting unless you explicitly update it.


Using the console, you can set concurrency at service creation or deployment time:

If you are creating a new service:

  1. Go to Cloud Run

  2. Create the service using the console as described in Deploying Services.

  3. After you specify the container image URL, the service name, and the location, click SHOW OPTIONAL SETTINGS.

  4. Set the desired concurrency value in the text box Maximum requests per container:

    Set concurrency

If you are deploying a new revision of an existing service:

  1. Go to Cloud Run

  2. Locate the service you want to update in the services list, and click on it to open the details of that service.



  5. Set the concurrency value in the text box Maximum requests per container.

Command line

To set concurrency, use the following command:

gcloud run services update [SERVICE] --concurrency=[NUMBER]

Replace [NUMBER] with the maximum number of concurrent requests per container instance. For example the following sets a maximum of 40 concurrent requests:

gcloud run services update [SERVICE] --concurrency=40

Changing the concurrency of a given service will capture this setting in a new revision.

To revert to the default concurrency (80), use the command

gcloud run services update [SERVICE] --concurrency default

Replace [SERVICE] with the name of the service you are configuring.