About Cloud Endpoints Frameworks

Google Cloud Endpoints Frameworks for App Engine consists of tools, libraries and capabilities that allow you to generate APIs and client libraries from an App Engine application. Referred to as an API, they simplify client access to data from other applications, such as web clients and Android mobile clients.

Cloud Endpoints Frameworks supports the following API management features provided by Cloud Endpoints:

Basic frameworks architecture

Here's what using Cloud Endpoints Frameworks for App Engine allows you to do:

The backend code is an App Engine app performing business logic and other functions for Android clients and JavaScript web clients. The functionality of the backend is made available to clients through Cloud Endpoints, which exposes an API that clients can call.

For more information on the Cloud Endpoints Frameworks architecture, see Comparing Extensible Service Proxy and Endpoints Frameworks.

Libraries and tools

Cloud Endpoints Frameworks for App Engine provides the following libraries and tools:

  • The Cloud Endpoints Frameworks for App Engine Java library in the SDK.
  • The endpoints command line tool (for Linux), or endpoints.cmd (for Windows) that you can use to generate client libraries, discovery documents, and OpenApi specification configuration file required for Cloud Endpoints.


To use the frameworks, follow the process shown in the Quickstart.

You'll need to know how to develop the client of your choice, such as JavaScript web clients, or mobile clients, such as Android.

Development process

The general workflow for developing an app using the frameworks is:

  1. Create your API project, then write your API code.
  2. Annotate your API, so classes and client libraries can be generated from it.
  3. Generate the OpenApi-spec configuration file and deploy it as described in the Quickstart.
  4. Deploy the API.
  5. Generate the client library
  6. Write your client app, using the client library when making calls to the API.

Getting Started

To get started, follow the Quickstart.

Migrating from Endpoints 1.0

If you've already developed an API backend using the previous version of Endpoints, follow the Migration Guide to move your app to Endpoints 2.0.

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