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BI Modernization Jumpstart

The BI Modernization Jumpstart offering is the best way to learn Looker while designing, building, and launching your first use case. A Looker expert will work alongside your team while transferring the skills necessary to maintain and grow the Looker implementation. Contact sales to get started. See our entire consulting portfolio.

Launch Looker like a pro

Is this offering right for you?

  • Is this the first Looker use case launched by this team?
  • Do you have data ready in a SQL-enabled data warehouse?
  • Will your team continue adding new use cases after launching this one?
  • Do you have assigned resources in need of enablement who will maintain and grow this use case?
  • Is end-user adoption a key success criteria for your use case?
  • Are you building something new? Replatforming something old?

Expert guidance to learn and launch Looker fast and with maximum adoption

What does your team get?

Requirements gathering and design

A successful launch starts with effective requirements gathering. Your consultant will advise on effective techniques, as well as interpret the results into an initial design.


Your consultant will teach you the basics, and then coach you through development processes and best practices to support your team’s confidence and Looker growth.

Launch: deployment and training

Your team will receive expert guidance in administering Looker and honing your model and dashboards. At the end of the engagement, your team will be prepared to continue building your Looker platform and support your end users.