Google Cloud Certified Fellow

Program policies and assessment guidelines


The Google Cloud Certified Fellow program is for elite cloud architects and technical leaders who are experts in designing hybrid and multi-cloud enterprise solutions. This certification program recognizes individuals with deep technical expertise who can translate business requirements into technical solutions using Anthos and Google Cloud. Please see the assessment guide for a list of topics that may be included in the lab assessment and panel interview.

Eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible for the Google Cloud Certified Fellow program, a candidate:

  • Must be a Google Cloud customer or partner
  • Must be referred by a Google contact or a current Google Cloud Certified Fellow
  • Must successfully complete the program prerequisites


Candidates are expected to have in-depth knowledge of hybrid or multi-cloud architecture and a strong familiarity with Anthos and Google Cloud. We require 10+ years of professional experience to qualify for this certification.

Before an interview is scheduled, a candidate must:

  • Receive an invitation
  • Submit an application, including a current CV or resume
  • Complete all hands-on labs with a passing result

Certification process overview

  1. Referral: To be considered for enrollment into this program, candidates must be referred by a Google employee or Google Cloud Certified Fellow. Interested candidates are encouraged to reach out to their Google contact or a Google Cloud Certified Fellow for consideration. Note that space in the program may be limited, so referral does not guarantee that an invitation will be received.
  2. Application: After a referral has been received, candidates submit their application including all required documentation.
  3. Qualification assessment: Once a candidate's application has been processed, instructions are sent to the candidate on taking the qualification assessment, which is made up of a series of hands-on labs. A candidate must successfully pass the labs to advance to the next step in the program.
  4. Certification assessment: Interview panels are held in person several times per year. Space is limited; candidates may have to wait up to six months after passing the qualification assessment before being interviewed. Note: interviews are conducted in English only at this time.

Assessment details

Qualification assessment: hands-on labs

The qualification assessment includes a series of hands-on labs delivered remotely through Qwiklabs. The labs will cover the topics outlined in the lab assessment guide. Although candidates are allowed to access documentation during the labs, keep in mind that the labs are timed. Upon completion of the labs, candidates are required to complete a short exit interview to discuss the lab assessment experience. This feedback is crucial to helping to inform the calibration and development of the labs for the Google Cloud Certified Fellow program.

After lab results are verified by Google, candidates will receive instructions on scheduling the panel interview.

Certification assessment: panel interview

In addition to having technical skills, Google Cloud Certified Fellows are expected to be business leaders with the ability to influence and shape the IT direction of their company. We assess this in a panel interview following a standardized protocol.

The interviews will be held in person and travel will be at the candidate's expense. The interview will last approximately 75 minutes including a short break. The interview is conducted by a panel of up to three subject matter experts. These experts may be Google employees or Google Cloud Certified Fellows. The interview covers three competency areas: leadership, business acumen, and technical depth. A candidate must meet or exceed this minimum standard in all three competencies in order to become a Google Cloud Certified Fellow. The competencies are outlined in the competency guide section of the assessment guide.

To provide a context for many of the interview questions, particularly those relating to business acumen and technical depth, interviewers may ask a candidate hypothetical questions about one or more case studies. Candidates should ensure that they are very familiar with the case studies prior to the interview.

Upon completion of the interview, the panel will deliberate and prepare a candidate feedback form which will include whether the candidate met or did not meet the minimum standard to be granted Google Cloud Certified Fellow status. The feedback form will be sent to the candidate within two weeks following the interview.

Failing the interview panel

The results of the interview panel are final and may not be appealed. If the candidate does not pass the interview portion, the panel and Google will decide whether the candidate may interview again and what conditions apply. If the candidate is not invited to interview again, they may reapply.

Preparation and resources

The Google Cloud Certified Fellow program is intended to identify individuals who are well-established technical and business leaders. Professional experience as a business leader, technical manager, or senior-level consultant in an enterprise environment is critical to demonstrating the requirements for the competencies. In addition, strong familiarity with a variety of cloud technologies, especially Google Cloud in an enterprise environment, is essential.

Technical business leaders unfamiliar with Google Cloud should consider obtaining the Professional Cloud Architect certification before applying to this program.

Additional Anthos resources can also be found on the certification website.


Google Cloud Certified Fellows should be aware and understand that the disclosure of examination items before, during, or after the examination will be viewed as an ethics violation. Violations of confidentiality and/or candidates’ policies can result in disciplinary action by Google including the denial of certification and removal from the fellowship program. If you are aware of, or have observed an attempt to compromise the Google Cloud Certified Fellow process, report it to the Google Cloud Certification staff. Candidates should report any suspicious behavior to

Lab assessment policies and troubleshooting

The hands-on labs are delivered through Qwiklabs. The Qwiklabs Privacy Policy is enforced in the qualification assessment. Network outages, bugs, or malfunctions experienced during the qualification assessment should be reported to

Rescheduling / canceling interviews

  • Interview panels are conducted several times per year and are dependent on the availability of trained panel interviewers. After a candidate passes the qualification assessment, Google staff will assist candidates with selecting a date and time to interview. Space is limited; candidates may have to wait up to six months before being interviewed. Note: interviews are conducted in English only at this time.
  • Candidates may cancel and reschedule their interview up to 14 business days prior to the scheduled examination date. You will not be compensated for any travel expenses incurred.
  • Rescheduling will be based on availability. Availability can not be guaranteed during the next interview session.


Candidates will not receive a numerical score nor any diagnostic feedback concerning lab performance. This is consistent with the Google Cloud certification feedback policy.

The results for each competency assessed in the interview panel are scored as either meets or does not meet. Feedback forms are sent after completion of the interview panel. The results of the interview panel are final and may not be appealed. If a candidate fails the interview portion, the panel and Google will decide whether they may interview again and what conditions apply. If a candidate is not invited to interview again, they may reapply.

Score cancelation and appeals

Google may cancel or withhold a candidate’s results if, in Google’s judgment, there is reason to question the validity of the results for any reason, notwithstanding the absence of any evidence of a candidate’s personal involvement in irregular activities. Evidence of invalid results may include, but are not limited to, unusual answer patterns or unusual score increases from one exam to another. If a candidate’s result is cancelled or invalidated without finding that the candidate engaged in irregular behavior, the candidate may appeal the decision and may be offered a free retest. An appeal is the candidate’s exclusive means of redress with regard to Google’s decision to take this action. A candidate can file an appeal of this decision by contacting


Candidates are responsible for travel arrangements and expenses.

Continuing certification

Your Google Cloud Certified Fellow status expires after one year unless you meet the requirements for continuing certification. These requirements may change at Google’s sole discretion no more frequently than once every six months. See below for more detail.

Certification cost

Because we are still collecting feedback on the assessments and program overall, Google will cover the cost of certification for the first cohort in 2020. This does not include travel costs, which will be at the candidates’ own expense.

Pricing details for future cohorts will be included on the website.

Accommodations for disabilities

Testing accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis and may require supporting documentation. Depending on the accommodation requested, it may take 30+ days prior to the test date to arrange an accommodation with our partners and third-party services. To request an accommodation, please contact us at

Code of conduct

As a Google Cloud Certified Fellow, you are expected to comply with the program terms and conditions at all times. Any business you conduct as a Google Cloud Certified Fellow should not negatively impact Google’s reputation or business relationships.

In your role as a Google Cloud Certified Fellow, you are expected to comply with all applicable legislation as it pertains to Google technology and services and not engage in deceptive, misleading, or unethical business practices.

Google has adopted policies and procedures to protect the confidentiality of certification candidates. Google staff and Google Cloud Certified Fellows will not discuss pending examination applications with anyone except the candidate and will not report scores until they are finalized. Google staff and Google Cloud Certified Fellows will not release certification results to any third party entity unless authorized by the candidate.

Program expectations

In addition to adhering to the program code of conduct, ongoing involvement in the Google Cloud Certified Fellow program and community is required to keep your certification current. We require you to spend a minimum of 40 hours in program or community activities annually to retain your certification. Examples of involvement include:

  • Delivering a presentation at an industry conference or event
  • Participating in a panel discussion or roundtable at an industry event
  • Writing an article or blog post
  • Building and documenting technology demos