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Prepare for Google Cloud certification with top tips and no-cost learning

July 11, 2022
Magda Jary

Head of Google Cloud Certification & Credentials

Becoming Google Cloud certified has proven to improve individuals’ visibility within the job market, and demonstrate ability to drive meaningful change and transformation within organizations.  

  • 1 in 4 Google Cloud certified individuals take on more responsibility or leadership roles at work, and  87% of Google Cloud certified users feel more confident in their cloud skills1.

  • 75% of IT decision-makers are in need of technologically-skilled personnel to meet their organizational goals and close skill gaps2.

  • 94% of those decision-makers agree that certified employees provide added value above and beyond the cost of certification3.

Prepare for certification with a no-cost learning opportunity

That's powerful stuff, right?  That’s why we've teamed up with Coursera to support your journey to becoming Google Cloud certified.

As a new learner, get one month of no-cost access to your selected Google Cloud Professional Certificate on Coursera to help you prepare for the relevant Google Cloud certification exam. Choose from Professional Certificates in data engineering, cloud engineering, cloud architecture, security, networking, machine learning, DevOps and for business professionals, the Cloud Digital Leader.

Become Google Cloud certified

To  help you on your way to becoming Google Cloud certified, you can earn a discount voucher on the cost of the Google Cloud certification exam by completing the Professional Certificate on Coursera by August 31, 2022 

Simply visit our page on Coursera and start your one month no-cost learning journey today. 

Top tips to prepare for your Google Cloud certification exam

  1. Get hands-on with Google Cloud
    For those of you in a technical job role, we recommend leveraging the Google Cloud projects to build your hands-on experience with the Google Cloud console. With 500+ Google Cloud projects now available on Coursera, you can gain hands-on experience working in the real Google Cloud console, with no download or configuration required.

  2. Review the exam guide
    Exam guides provide the blueprint for developing exam questions and offer guidance to candidates studying for the exam. We´d encourage you to be prepared to answer questions on any topic in the exam guide, but it's not guaranteed that every topic within an exam guide will be assessed.

  3. Explore the sample questions
    Taking a look at the sample questions on each certification page will help to familiarize you with the format of exam questions and example content that may be covered. 

Start your certification preparation journey today with a one month no-cost learning opportunity on Coursera. 

Want to know more about the value of Google Cloud Certification? Find out why IT leaders choose Google Cloud Certification for their teams.

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