Cloud CDN

Low-latency, low-cost content delivery using Google's global network.

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Content delivery network for Cloud Platform

Content delivery network for Cloud Platform

Google Cloud CDN leverages Google's globally distributed edge points of presence to accelerate content delivery for websites and applications served out of Compute Engine and Cloud Storage. Cloud CDN lowers network latency, offloads origins, and reduces serving costs. Once you've set up HTTP(S) load balancing, simply enable Cloud CDN with a single checkbox.

What's new

Global reach

With caches at more than 90 sites around the world, Cloud CDN is always close to your users. That means faster page loads and increased engagement. And, unlike most CDNs, your site gets a single IP address that works everywhere, combining global performance with easy management—no regional DNS required.

SSL shouldn't cost extra

The web is moving to HTTPS, and your cacheable content should, too. With Cloud CDN, you can secure your content using SSL/TLS for no additional charge.

Seamless integration

Cloud CDN is tightly integrated with Google Cloud Platform. Enable Cloud CDN with a single checkbox and use Google Cloud Platform Console and Stackdriver Logging for full visibility into the operation of your site.

Media CDN support

Cloud CDN includes support for large objects (up to 5 TB), making it the ideal platform to deliver media and gaming to customers around the globe.



Serve all your content from a single IP address with low latency worldwide.


Take down cached content in minutes.


Supports the new, more efficient HTTP/2 protocol in addition to HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1.


Integrates with Stackdriver Logging to give you detailed information about each cache hit and miss.


Provide your own SSL/TLS certificate to secure your content using a domain name of your choice.


Serves content originating from Compute Engine VMs and Cloud Storage buckets. You can even mix and match multiple origins behind a single domain. External origin servers are not supported.

Technical resources


When Cloud CDN serves your content, you're charged for bandwidth and HTTP/HTTPS requests. On cache hits, you pay for cache egress bandwidth. On cache misses, you additionally pay for cache fill bandwidth.

You're also charged for any cache invalidations you initiate. Each invalidation can specify either a single path or a path prefix.

Item Price (USD)
Cache egress Charges vary based on location and usage:
$0.02/GB - $0.08/GB for North America and Europe destinations
$0.04/GB - $0.20/GB for other destinations worldwide
Cache fill Charges vary based on location:
$0.04/GB - $0.06/GB discounted pricing for in-region cache fills
$0.08/GB - $0.15/GB for cross-region cache fills
HTTP(S) requests $0.0075 per 10,000 requests
Cache invalidation $0.005 per invalidation

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

For more detailed pricing information, please view the pricing guide.

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