Downloading Your Source Code

You can download an application's source code by running with the download_app action in the PHP SDK command-line tool: -A [YOUR_APP_ID] -V [YOUR_APP_VERSION] download_app [OUTPUT_DIR]

Output like the following results if the command is successful:

Getting file list...
Fetching files...
Getting files...

[1/5] request.php
[2/5] login.php
[3/5] static/screen.css
[4/5] static/print.css
[5/5] images/bird.png


If you use the gcloud commands from the Cloud SDK, the command is available at the following path:


If that path does not exist, run gcloud components install app-engine-python to install the App Engine SDK to your Cloud SDK installation.


Only the developer who uploaded the code and the application owner(s) can download it. If anyone other than these parties attempts to download the app, they'll see an error message like the following:

Fetching file list...
Error 403: --- begin server output ---
You do not have permission to download this app version.
--- end server output ---

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