Method: organizations.delete

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Delete an Apigee organization. For organizations with BillingType EVALUATION, an immediate deletion is performed. For paid organizations, a soft-deletion is performed. The organization can be restored within the soft-deletion period which can be controlled using the retention field in the request.

HTTP request


The URL uses gRPC Transcoding syntax.

Path parameters



Required. Name of the organization. Use the following structure in your request: organizations/{org}

Authorization requires the following IAM permission on the specified resource name:

  • apigee.organizations.delete

Query parameters


enum (DeletionRetention)

Optional. This setting is applicable only for organizations that are soft-deleted (i.e., BillingType is not EVALUATION). It controls how long Organization data will be retained after the initial delete operation completes. During this period, the Organization may be restored to its last known state. After this period, the Organization will no longer be able to be restored.

Request body

The request body must be empty.

Response body

If successful, the response body contains an instance of Operation.

Authorization Scopes

Requires the following OAuth scope:



Data retention settings for deleting Organizations.

DELETION_RETENTION_UNSPECIFIED Default data retention setting of seven days will be applied.
MINIMUM Organization data will be retained for the minimum period of 24 hours.