JSON representation
  "identities": [
  "etag": string


Required. Array of service accounts to grant access to control plane resources, each specified using the following format: serviceAccount:service-account-name.

The service-account-name is formatted like an email address. For example:

You might specify multiple service accounts, for example, if you have multiple environments and wish to assign a unique service account to each one.

The service accounts must have Apigee Synchronizer Manager role. See also Create service accounts.


string (bytes format)

Entity tag (ETag) used for optimistic concurrency control as a way to help prevent simultaneous updates from overwriting each other.

For example, when you call getSyncAuthorization an ETag is returned in the response. Pass that ETag when calling the setSyncAuthorization to ensure that you are updating the correct version. If you don't pass the ETag in the call to setSyncAuthorization, then the existing authorization is overwritten indiscriminately.

Note: We strongly recommend that you use the ETag in the read-modify-write cycle to avoid race conditions.

A base64-encoded string.