Discontinue Apigee Pay-as-you-go services

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To discontinue usage of existing Apigee Pay-as-you-go services, you can either:

  • Delete your Pay-as-you-go organization, or
  • Switch your existing Pay-as-you-go organization to Subscription pricing.

Delete an existing Pay-as-you-go organization

If you want to discontinue usage of your Apigee organization and ensure that no further charges accrue through Pay-as-you-go pricing, you can delete your Pay-as-you-go organization.

To stop billing for Apigee Pay-as-you-go services, make sure to delete all environments in your Pay-as-you-go organization before deleting your organization. You can delete an environment from an existing Apigee Pay-as-you-go organization using one of the following methods:

Once you have deleted all the environments in your organization, you can delete the Pay-as-you-go organization using the Apigee API. See Delete an Apigee organization.

Pay-as-you-go organization deletion using the API triggers a soft delete process that retains the organization for seven days. After seven days, the organization is permanently deleted.

Switch an existing Apigee paid organization from Pay-as-you-go to Subscription pricing

To switch an existing Apigee paid organization from Pay-as-you-go pricing to Subscription pricing, contact a Google Cloud Sales specialist. See the Apigee Pricing page for more information on current Apigee Subscription options.