Extending the Power of Cloud Platform

Take advantage of our growing partner ecosystem and tools to make working with Cloud Spanner even easier. Our "Data Integration" partners help you streamline the process of loading your data into Cloud Spanner. Our "Data Analysis and Visualization" partners can help in visualizing and distilling insights from your data.

For a full list of Google Cloud partners, see Google Cloud Platform Partners.

BI Partners

Cloud Spanner is Google's globally distributed transactional database that combines horizontal scalability, high availability, and performance with a relational schema and SQL access. Looker connects to Cloud Spanner directly, enabling users to query data in Cloud Spanner as transactions roll in. No need to create read or slave replicas; just query the data directly in Cloud Spanner and derive powerful insights through Looker, without impacting production workloads.

MicroStrategy is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms. With direct operations in 27 countries worldwide, our mission is to provide the most flexible, powerful, scalable, and user-friendly platforms for analytics, mobile, identity, and loyalty offered either on premises or in the cloud.

We help people see and understand data. Seven words that drive everything we do. And they’ve never been more important. Our products are transforming the way people use data to solve problems. We make analyzing data fast and easy, beautiful and useful. It’s software for anyone and everyone.

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Zoomdata delivers a powerful visual analytics experience that capitalizes on enterprise capabilities of Cloud Spanner. With Zoomdata's Smart Connector for Cloud Spanner, you are able to access the latest data even faster, since Zoomdata queries Cloud Spanner directly rather than utilizing batch queries. With the availability of streaming analytics (Live Mode), aggregate analytics (group by), time series handling, and federated data blending of data from Cloud Spanner and other data sources via Zoomdata Fusion, users now have a visual analytics platform that is optimized for Cloud Spanner.

Data Integration Partners

Alooma’s makes data accessible, valuable, and actionable in real-time. Alooma's SaaS platform allows Data Scientists and Data Engineers to integrate, clean, enrich, and stream data from any source to any data warehouse or application.

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Informatica brings high performance/highly parallelized, scalable data integration technology to efficiently move very large volumes of data to Google Cloud and enables secure data transfer between 100+ cloud-based and on-premises data sources.

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Striim offers an enterprise-grade software platform for real-time ingestion, in-flight data processing, and continuous delivery with sub-second latency into Cloud Spanner. For real-time data collection from databases, Striim uses non-intrusive, low-impact change data capture (CDC), which minimizes overhead on source production systems.


Xplenty is an ETL cloud service that allows users to easily integrate and process data, with no coding and no deployment. You can use Xplenty to move and integrate data from a variety of legacy data stores to Cloud Spanner, so that you can take advantage of its increased consistency and scalability. Xplenty also supports pulling data from Cloud Spanner, transforming it, merging it, and storing it anywhere you like.