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Creativity, Not Infrastructure

Google Cloud Platform levels the playing field, enabling creative professionals with the computational power and global reach of Google’s infrastructure — resources previously available only to the largest studios. From content ingestion and creation, graphics rendering, storage & archival, to video transcoding and distribution for livestreaming, focus on creating great content rather than infrastructure.

The Complete Over-The-Top/TV Everywhere Platform

Companies are increasingly required to deliver quality, multi-screen video viewing experiences across many devices to viewers. From adaptive live streaming, advanced metadata, HD encoding/transcoding, live and video-on-demand distribution, and dynamic server-side ad insertion, Anvato’s cloud-based Media Content Platform provides operators, broadcast and media companies with a scalable, turnkey Over-The-Top/TV Everywhere video platform that guarantees playback and monetization on all connected platforms and devices.


Integrated Rendering by Artists, for Artists

Scale to more than 30,000 cores on-demand, paying per-minute only for what you render on your most ambitious visual effects and graphics rendering projects. Avoid production bottlenecks during peak times by launching massive rendering jobs in parallel on Google’s infrastructure.

Cloud-Native Rendering
ZYNC Render is designed for small to medium-sized studios, allowing artists to use the tools and renderers they already know with integrated licensing, billing, and full visibility into the rendering pipeline.
Google and Autodesk joined forces recently to create Autodesk® Maya® for ZYNC Render, a fully integrated rendering solution that brings the full benefits of cloud rendering to individual artists and studios.
Hybrid Rendering
Protect investments you’ve made in your on-prem render farm by running burst and sustained rendering jobs on Google Cloud Platform when your project needs it most.
Learn how top studios have made Google’s infrastructure an extension of their own. With the hybrid model, your team is able to render content seamlessly in the cloud as if everything were local.

Media Archival & Disaster Recovery

High definition images and 4K-and-higher video are causing an explosion in storage and bandwidth requirements. Google Cloud Platform was built for this scale: store media cheaply and indefinitely, using either Google Cloud Storage or our industry-defining archival product Cloud Storage Nearline, which lets you retrieve data with sub-second average response times and 1 cent per GB/month pricing.

Cloud-based Video Transcoding & Distribution

Users today demand access to media instantaneously on their own terms. From streaming 4K video to encoding for all device and bandwidth conditions, Cloud Platform is the best foundation to ingest, process, and distribute video for livestreaming. Run video processing jobs on high-speed VMs tailored to your requirements, then distribute to end-users through Cloud CDN or via a CDN Interconnect service provider.

Cloud Networking for Media

Speed is a feature, and latency is key in today’s media-driven Internet. Google operates its own private fiber network that spans the globe with points of presence (PoPs) at over 100 interconnection facilities across 33 countries. Learn how you can connect your place to ours using Cloud Interconnect, which privately connects your on-prem network to Google enabling lower latency, higher reliability and security.

Cloud Economics & Google-Grade Security

Convert underutilized capital expenditure to pay-as-you-go operating expenditure that reflects your actual IT usage. Shift your talent to differentiating activities like content creation and creative refinement, taking advantage of Google’s unique pricing advantages and philosophy. Check out the resources section for materials around media security, or learn how Google is making security a key reason to adopt its Cloud Platform.


Our customers and their experience on Google Cloud Platform

“ Google gives us breathing room during periods of peak capacity, allowing our artists more flexibility around creative refinement ”

— Steve MacPherson, Chief Technology Officer Framestore


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