Video Encoding and Transcoding

Unique hybrid cloud encoding technology combines the power and scale of Google’s cloud technologies with the advantages on-premises processing provides

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Leverage the best benefits of on and off-premise resources
Harnessing both on-premises hardware and the elastic scale of Google technologies such as Compute Engine and our own Cloud Delivery Network (CDN), our encoding and transcoding technology provides you with one of the most powerful and cost-effective offerings in the industry. Whether you are looking to process one live linear streaming event, or ingesting and processing thousands of on-demand assets, intuitive algorithms determine where and how to process your content so you can reach maximum efficiency without compromising quality or time to market service level agreements.
State-of-the-Art Reliability
Systems health and encode quality are monitored 24/7 by machine technology, and in the event of a network or hardware failure, your work is automatically shifted to another instance. This helps ensure business continuity and prevents you from breaching encode quality and service level agreements.
Powerful Hybrid Cloud Architecture
Our unique, hybrid cloud architecture intuitively decides how much of an on-premises resource should be designated to a task and how many cloud resources should be allocated. Jobs that demand long transfer times or large files leverage on-premises resources, while processes that are more suitable for parallel processing, are sent to the cloud.
Encode to Multiple Formats
Seamless delivery to multiple formats such as H.264, HEVC and others via progressive download or adaptive bitrate streaming ensures your content reaches your audience regardless of bandwidth constraints or device. Digital Rights Management (DRM) from providers Widevine, PlayReady and FairPlay is included.
Zero CapEx
Our simple pricing and deployment model makes it easy for you to launch your channels with no upfront costs, and the same applies for video on demand transcoding requirements. No need to invest capital in hardware and/or software infrastructure in anticipation of your projected throughput requirements.