Live Streaming

Combine the power of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure and performance of Anvato’s live streaming technology, and you have one of the industry’s top over-the-top (OTT)/TV Everywhere offering

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Reach a Variety of Platforms and Connected Devices with No Capital Expenditure
Whether your audience views your content on iOS, Android, smart TVs, streaming media devices, or any other connected device, our live streaming technology has you covered. We provide everything needed for broadcast-quality live linear stream origination with no capex.
Live Stream with the Same Infrastructure Running Google Apps
Live streaming using Compute Engine, Cloud Storage or Cloud CDN enables you to take advantage of the power, scale and pricing innovations that no other cloud provider can offer the media and entertainment industry.
The Availability and Security of On-Premises Encoding
Our unique, hybrid approach to video preparation takes advantage of the path and resources most appropriate to your tasks. Our flexible and scalable platform leverages on-premises hardware for encoding tasks, but also bursts to Google Cloud Platform when needed for virtually infinite capacity, or when time to market is critical for your content.
High Performance and Cost-Effective
Google’s private network with more than 100 PoPs, along with and a sustained use and pay-as-you-go billing model enable you to leverage streaming infrastructure unmatched in the industry. Forward thinking Machine Learning innovations enable you to further automate your video supply chain.
Optimized Streaming Using Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Technology
Regardless of bandwidth constraints, end-users can experience a seamless playback experience regardless of device. Multi-bitrate video streams are delivered to end-users on all platforms including smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, gaming consoles and more.
Seamless Broadcast Integration
Our live streaming technology integrates with broadcast automation systems like AVID, Grass Valley and others. We detect broadcast cue messages in-band (via HD-SDI or MPEG-TS) or out-of-band (GPI, socket feeds, audio tones, etc.) and insert as ad markers where applicable for mobile and desktop platforms. Furthermore, our player SDKs guarantee monetization of streams across all devices.
Fully Compliant Closed Caption Support
Multiple captioning options are supported such as SMPTE-TT, embedded 608/708 and WebVTT. Using our player SDKs ensures full FCC regulations compliance and an ultra fast video start.
Highly-Targeted Ads Replace TV Ads
Stream stitching technology uses IAB standardized VAST tags and dynamically replaces broadcast ad units with frame-accurate, digital ads in stream. Viewers are served most relevant ads and are targeted down to the zip code, device, and behavior. National, regional and locally relevant ads are served providing a broadcast-like experience.