Manage site-wide attribute controls

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This page describes how to manage site-wide attribute controls.

Site-wide controls apply to all search results or all recommendation results, depending on what type of site-wide attribute control you apply.

About site-wide attribute controls

Side-wide attribute controls enable you to manage settings globally across all serving configurations.

Site-wide attribute controls are available in Google Cloud console for your catalog's product attributes.

Retail Search uses the following attribute settings:

  • Indexable: Retail Search can filter and facet using this attribute.
  • Dynamic faceting: Retail Search can automatically use this attribute as a dynamic facet based on past user behavior such as facet clicks and views. To enable dynamic faceting for an attribute, Indexable must be set to true for that attribute.
  • Searchable: This attribute is searchable by Retail Search queries, which increases recall for that attribute. This control is applicable only for text attributes.
  • Retrievable: If set to true, Retail Search returns this attribute in responses to search queries. If all attributes have Retrievable set to false, the search results contain only the product name or (for variants) the product name and color information.

Recommendations AI uses the following attribute settings:

  • Filterable (Public Preview): This attribute can be used in Recommendations AI filter expressions. This control is applicable only for text attributes.

You can enable or disable side-wide attribute controls for individual attributes.

Dynamic faceting is available as a site-wide attribute control. By default, dynamic faceting is enabled for all custom attributes.

In catalog level configuration mode, site-wide attribute controls are available for indexable and searchable.

For details about attribute configurations and what their default and allowed settings are, see the topic About product attributes.

Modify site-wide attribute controls

Change a site-wide attribute control on the Controls page in the Google Cloud console.

  1. Go to the Retail Controls page in the Google Cloud console.

    Go to the Controls page

  2. Go to the Site-wide controls tab.

    This tab displays a table of all product attributes you can set site-wide attribute controls for.

  3. Click Modify Controls.

  4. Enable or disable a control.

    • True: Enable a control for that attribute. This overrides any product-level attributes configuration in the Retail API.
    • False: Disable a control for that attribute. This overrides any product-level attribute configuration in the Retail API.

      Note that you can only set dynamic faceting to true for attributes that are also set to indexable.

  5. Click Save Controls.

    Changes to attribute configuration settings for indexable and searchable take effect within 12 hours, or immediately on your next catalog ingestion. Dynamic faceting configuration changes take up to two days. You can test if your changes have been applied on the Evaluate page, which will reflect your changes immediately.