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Release Notes

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April 14, 2021

Migrate for Compute Engine 5.0 General Availability release.

The following sections describe the major features included in this release.

Google Cloud Console UI

End-to-end migration experience in Google Cloud Console including: Dashboard, Source inventory, Migrations managements, VM groups, and Targets.

To access the UI:

  1. Open the Migrate for Compute Engine page in the Google Cloud Console: Go to the Migrate for Compute Engine page
  2. In the upper-right corner, select Try the new version to open the Google Cloud Console to the 5.0 UI.

Migration primitives

Migration primitives controlling VM migration journey, which includes:

  • Replication - Initiate replication based migration, control periodical replication cycle schedule.
  • Test-Clone - Test a clone of migrating VM in Google Cloud with no disruptions on source VM to reduce migration risk.
  • Cut-Over - Cutting over to Google Cloud process with minimized downtime to migrating VM.

See VM Migration lifecycle for more.

VM groups

Group migration operations to enable you to manage and execute mass migration sprints.

See Mass migration with groups for more.

Seamless OS adaptation

Seamless OS adaptation of migrating VMs to prepare OS to run in Compute Engine (such as network settings) and deploy Compute Engine agents for seamless day 2 integrations with Compute Engine services.

See Adapting VMs to run on Google Cloud for more.

Compute Engine Targets

Migration to n Google Cloud target projects and flexible configuration of migrating VM target details (such as instance type, disk type, and network settings).

See Configuring the target for a migrated VM for more.

vSphere Source

Agentless migration of vSphere source environment utilizing Migrate Connector appliance deployed in source.

See On-premises VMware to Compute Engine migrations for more.

VM utilization reports

To help you determine the optimal settings for the Compute Engine target, Migrate for Compute Engine lets you create a source VM utilization report. This report displays information about resource allocation and utilization for the source VMs deployed on vCenter.

See Creating a source VM utilization report for more.