Using premium Linux OS licenses

You can use Migrate for Compute Engine to convert a Linux VM's license from a purchased license to a premium license included in your Google Cloud bill via the Google Cloud Marketplace. When you make this conversion, costs are based on the resources that you use.

Google Cloud supports premium enterprise Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or SuSE Linux Enterprise (SLES).


  • VMs whose licenses you want to convert must be using one of the OSes listed in VM OS license support, such as RHEL 6/7 or SLES 11/12.
  • You must be migrating the VMs using waves.

Setting premium license types

You specify a premium license for your migrating VM by entering a license string in your runbook CSV. (See the Runbook reference for more about runbook fields.)

  1. In your runbook CSV file, locate the rows that describe the VMs for which you want to apply premium licenses.
  2. In the license:os field, enter the corresponding URL from the list in VM OS license support.

    Leave the field blank to use the existing license.