Migrating AWS instances to Google Cloud

This document describes how to migrate VMs from AWS to Google Cloud using Migrate for Compute Engine.

Before proceeding, you must complete complete the prerequisites and configuration for AWS.

Prepare your Linux VMs

If you are migrating Linux VMs, install the Migrate for Compute Engine package to reconfigure them for Google Cloud.

Available migration operations for AWS

The following operations are supported when moving from AWS to Google Cloud:

  • Run-in-Cloud
  • Storage Migration
  • Move back
  • Prepare to detach
  • Detach
  • Cleanup

For more information on these operations, see VM migration lifecycle.

The migration process

During migration of an instance from AWS to Google Cloud, Migrate for Compute Engine takes ownership of the EBS volumes mounted to instances at AWS, by taking the following actions:

  • Stops the source VM in AWS.
  • Creates the Migrate for Compute Engine VM Importer at AWS.
  • Detaches the EBS volumes from the source VMs and attaches them to the Importer.
  • Creates an instance in Google Cloud.
  • Streams data from the Importer to the Google Cloud Cloud Extension.
  • Terminates the Importer and re-attaches the disks to the source VM.

At the end of the process, the original AWS instance remains intact, with original EBS volumes re-attached and powered off.

Migrating via the Wave UI

Migrating storage from AWS to Google Cloud is supported via Wave Migrations.

To start a storage migration, create a new Full Migration job on your wave.