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Monitoring overview

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You can use two types of operations to understand the status and performance of your environment for Google Cloud Migrate for Compute Engine (formerly Velostrata):

  • Monitoring, which collects metrics, events, and metadata.
  • Logging, which collects log events.

Both of these are described below.

Monitoring Migrate for Compute Engine components

Migrate for Compute Engine's components, such as Cloud Extensions and the Velostrata Backend, provide metrics and alarms in Google Cloud's operations suite or vCenter. For more information, see the following topics:

Monitoring migrated VMs

Migrate for Compute Engine allows you to monitor performance of VMs migrated to Google Cloud. This includes:

Additionally, you can check the status of an individual VM by viewing its console log on either vSphere or the Velostrata Manager.

Because your workloads run on Google Cloud, you have additional logging and monitoring features available, including:

About Google Cloud's operations suite

Disabling Google Cloud's operations suite Monitoring

You can disable the Google Cloud's operations suite Monitoring and Logs in the Velostrata Manager. See Disabling Google Cloud's operations suite Monitoring.